Ballyhoo Today is a hyper-local that helps you find the best deals on restaurants, pubs, breweries, night life and much more around you, just when you want. Find a deal that catches your fancy, pay for it through the app, and go to the merchant location to redeem it.


Ballyhoo uses your location to show the best deals near you. We can even alert you when a great discount comes up in your neighbourhood, if you want us to do so.


You can buy most deals by paying the full amount through the app, and redeem at the merchant for a cashless experience.


This is just a friendly service for you to get a confirmed code for the deal. The payments in full can be done at merchant.


Ballyhoo is meant for immediate consumption. Just open the app, buy a deal, and you can redeem it immediately.


You can redeem deals with just a tap on a button - no printouts required!


We work incredibly hard to get you the best discounts on the services you use the most. But please do not believe us- Try and decide yourself


We encourage businesses to offer a deal in real-time i.e. rest assured the deals get updated atleast daily and sometimes hourly!

How will I get a confirmation once I buy a deal?

You will receive a notification alert with a numeric code which you would use while redeeming the deal

How do I redeem a deal that I’ve bought through the Ballyhoo app?

Once your payment is confirmed just present a confirmation code to merchant before billing or payment

Do I need to take a print out of it?

Absolutely not.

Are the deals time bound or I can go avail them anytime?

Yes, almost every deal has an expiry date and time within which you would need to redeem.

Is the reservation or the booking taken care by Ballyhoo?

No. Please call the respective merchant and take a prior appointment to avoid any hassle.

What if the merchant refuses to honour my deal?

Please write to us at contact@ballyhoo.today

Do I get an alert before my purchase is about to expire?

Yes we do our best to remind you but we strongly advice to redeem the deals asap as the ballyhoo deals are all real-time, hence the expiry time would be very short.

Can I cancel the deal after making a booking at the hotel or wellness centre?

Almost always NO. We work hard to get you an awesome deal and due to its nature of real-time we do not offer any cancellations or refunds

How can I cancel the deal?

Not possible.


In a rare scenario where merchant is not abel to fulfill an agreed obligation we will consider for refund? 48 hours.

What do I do, if I don’t get my refund on time?

Please write back to us at  contact@ballyhoo.today  Contact Us

I have a problem, where and whom should I contact for it?

Please reach out to us at  contact@ballyhoo.today .

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