This Modern Indian Style Restaurant is a ‘Must Visit’ in Bengaluru “The RAAHI”

The Raahi – 

Raahi is not just a restaurant of good looks and food, it is beyond that. For those who love Indian cuisine, it is an amazing destination. Straight away the ambiance is luxurious. The bar in the center with hanging candle lights is delightful to the eyes. The modern style Indian food includes various textures of Mushrooms, Passus with paneer, Beef kulcha, and Topli paneer chat. One of the attractions includes their Five-element Experimental Cocktail, which Jiva and Slash. The indoor gesture is awesome. This rich in ambiance restaurant sounds great for Romantic dinners and lavished delights.

What makes it Standout?

Raahi welcomes you with Black and white images of goblets, food and many impressive things, into a splendid Dining area. Three royal chandleries hanging on the roofs of the bar will get your attention in seconds. The bar counter is managed brilliantly to bring a wonderful look. 

The Dining furniture is expertly arranged, the seating arrangement is combined with Red and Brown is the real elegance. There is also an option of high chairs on the other side. The cozy corner with sofas is provided for parties who love something called privacy. The vivid and bold usage of colors is giving a different flavor to the eyes. 

The artistically crafted menu, especially by chefs comprised of some signature cocktails and mocktails. Note that it composed of 5 elements if Nature. The food cuisines are greatly done by twisting of taste. The staff and presentation are marvelous. You will get a complimentary amuse-bouche, which is pleasant. 

‘Kudos’ of chefs and staff, who are polite in welcoming. Again and again, Raahi is not just a restaurant, its something more than that. 

Trending                       – Shvash, Coorgi, Yak cheese datcha-Gurung bread,  Chips&Dips    

Avg. Cost for Two        – 2000 INR

Best for                              – Couples, Family and Friends    

Cuisine                             – Modern Indian, North and South Indian

Customisable Cocktails — Nitya, Jiva, Sheel, Yuja, Huti, Shvash, Saura

Business hours             – 12 noon to 1 am

Recommendation        – Live music, Nightlife, Romantic date, Table booking,


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