U-tan resort namely termed as the “Perfect Getaway” is actually perfect in all means because it provides you with the best vacation and a surely a break that you and your family deserves. Located at the hillock this place meets all your location expectations and undoubtedly gives you an experience of a lifetime. Matching to the fast pacing times, this place offers all the facilities and is highly equipped with the best possible means. 

Accommodation- Giving its guests the vacation that they desire, this resort gives you a series of options to choose from. They have Compact plus Classic and even Studio apartments. Don’t be shocked by this resort even provides you with a 2BHK Villa. 

Amenities-  Great features also include the A-list activities for you and your family. There are a variety of options, like outdoor activities, food and beverages which you can devour. This place even is a perfect spot for conferences and meeting. 
Apart from great food and great accommodation this place also gives you the chance to experience a lot of events and they are entertaining in every sense. 

This place has fine dining and gourmet catering services which will make your getaway even more mesmerising. The décor is finely designed and just look at the place makes you want to stay there and have a lavish retreat of your own. 

The U-Tan Arts an Music Festival and the Utan- Mini-Fest were the events which gained a lot of popularity. These events are filled with lights and people perform fusion performances which are so lively that you feel like dancing on your toes. 
De-stress yourself in this amazing resort and nurture your soul with this relaxing holiday. 

Check-in time-12 pm Check out time– 11 am

Eskay Resorts

This resort is one of those few luxury resorts that are located in the hub city of Bombay and is responsible for redefining retreat and rejuvenation. Not only its nature and its beauty but because of its facilities, it gives us the experience and family time that each family deserves. Adding on to the great Décor, and great culinary gourmet plus a well-furnished gym and a huge pool for kids, it impresses us completely. 

This is mostly known as the silent getaway that you and your friends or your family needs and the Lotus Pond is one of the main attractions. Apart from the location, the dining places are fancily made For example the Jade bowl, Lotus Leaf Café, Bombay Earths and Lotus Roots.

Tourist Resort Gorai

This miniature version of Goa is something which is the most talked part of Bombay as this resort welcomes families friends groups colleagues all forms of groups to celebrate a vacation in the truest form of nature and beauty. They have great culinary adding on to the beautiful décor. And just a kilometre away there is Gorai Beach which is the most attractive part of the entire resort. It’s equipped with all the modern amenities and the resort never feels to fulfil any of your wishes as the staff is supremely friendly.

The easiest part about this resort is that it is just some kilometres away from Bombay and without the stress of luggage and without the stress of packing your house you can just leave for a vacation which you can just plan one day prior and without any stress you will have the best luxurious vacation ever experienced. 

So what are you waiting for, plan your next Micro-cation and take a weekend out from your busy schedule? 

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