F9 go-karting, Gurugram

Looking for fun? Well, what better to spend your days of boredom than a day at the go Karting arena? F9 Go Karting is known to be a safe experience, with a well-designed multi-track. 

A go-cart is a four-wheel vehicle designed for racing. There is a range of vehicles to choose from and these include formula-k, bullet model, 160 cc engine etc. it’s an F1 racer experience, around a lap of 350m. Get ready for hours and hours of gorgeous adrenalin rushes and thrilling. For those looking to quench their thirst for adventure, this is the perfect sport and none can compare. F9 Go Karting offers high speeds and higher heartbeats. They offer flexible tracks and karts and anyone can participate in this activity. All you need is your safety gear with which they are very careful. Their equipment is up to date with the most high-end products, fuel-efficient engines, robust designs, protective shields which are available in all sizes and designs.    

You can confirm your booking through an email that will reach you after 12 hours of booking. Make sure you carry some comfortable shoes though! You’ll need it!

They offer several packages:

  • 1-7 laps (20-25 mins)
  • 2-10 laps(25-35 mins)
  • 3-16 laps(35-45 mins)

Average Cost: Rs, 299 per adult

Best for credit cards accepted, parking

Business Hours: 9 AM – 9 PM except for Mondays, 1 PM-11 PM

Offers: Monday – Thursday 2 laps complimentary on each game

Recommendation: 7 laps to 16 laps

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