Goa has always been the place we wanted to go with our friends for a vacation! It’s our desi Hawaii. Well, this time Satellite Beachside is making that dream come true with their New Year eve party! Imagine, you’d be so close to the ocean and away from all the huss and fuss of your life and finally living the life!  Granted it will not last a very long time, but the days you live there, will be the best New year celebration of your life and YOU WILL WANT TO COME BACK EVERY YEAR!

Satellite Beachside opening part being hosted at Larive Beach resort and restaurant on the 26th of December at 8 pm and on the 27th December at 7 pm. Larive Beach is a clean and well-maintained beach with the best songs playing and the best drinks being served! Your dream of a beach party will come true, I assure you. FIVE DAYS! IMAGINE!   5 days of absolute fun and joy! A gorgeous party! The best will be attending this event and known for their amazing beats and trances that will take you to another world! For those of you who love music and want music to be the highlight of their New Year, this is THE place to spend your time! The disk jockeys are prepping for a full house!

Imagine walking along the sandy beach every morning, diving into the sea and taking cruises as you please. Beach sports as well and come on! Goa!? Feni is IN the house!!

 This is an amazing place with an even better sunset and rise. Known for its amazing cuisine it offers an experience that cannot be forgotten. There is a wonderful ambience and the place offers the most delicious mix of drinks! The vibe is right and the music is gorgeous and definitely the right kind of venue for a New Year party! The service is beautiful and everyone who comes here goes satisfied indeed!

Tickets start at the price of Rs 1000 and go up to Rs 5250 per person.

  • Recommendation: Table booking,  outdoor seating, full bar
  • The average cost for two- Rs 1,500 with alcohol  
  • Cuisine –  Asian, European, Continental

Business Hours-  12 midnight- 3 am and 8 am to midnight

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