Paintballing is one of the most thrilling, and exciting activities one can play with their friends and family, to not just build new memories, but to also spend a day having fun.
The Planet Adventure Paintball Arena is the most sought after and liked paintball arena in Chennai, which gives its visitors a one of a kind, the exhilarating and electrifying experience of paintballing.

1.Planet Adventure Paintball Arena

If you are tired of staying at home and getting bored, or if you are tired of planning, cancelling, and then re-planning your weekend with your friends or family, then Paintballing is the answer to your woes. Planet Adventure Paintball Arena is one pure paintball arena that you cannot and should not miss when in Chennai. This paintball arena is located or situated along the Thiruvanmaiyur beach next to Bella Ciao. Planet Adventure Paintball Arena provides the best experience of playing paintball and has the best value for money service with one round of 50 pellets costing at about INR 400. A visit to this place is a sure shot to a day full of fun, thrill, adventure, and lots of memories. This arena is popular for the service it provides, and the feeling it leaves behind on the visitors who have only words of praise, and good reviews to impart. This place is the first-ever game field in Chennai and provides many sports and recreational activities including paintball. Their aim and motto are to inspire others to embrace their inner strength, happiness, and growth, and energizing their latent potentials.
This arena is open from Monday to Sunday, starting from 10 am to 7 pm, providing the best hours one can experience. Planet Adventure Paintball Arena, although covering a small area, has lots of cover in the form of tires, to use.
It gives a different vibe, and a different kind of thrill to everyone and is thus one of the leading places to visit for a day filled with laughter and joy with one’s loved ones, including their friends and family. So, go, plan your perfect day with your loved ones filled with activities, sports, laughter, and much more, and pay a visit to Planet Adventure Paintball Arena in Chennai.

Must-Visit For
It is one of the most sought after places for paintballing and creating loads of memories.

Paintballing, and creating loads of memories.

Paintballing and other sports and recreational activities.

Business Days/Hours
Sunday- Monday –10 am to 7 pm

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