Buckle up your seats to experience the thrill at the cutting-edge racing tracks of Hyderabad by ditching the play-stations lying back in your home. Go Karting is probably the best possible way to feel the thrill and rage by speeding up your karts as fast as you want. Hence, feel your heart pounding and make it beat at a different pace of thrill and adventure through these racing tracks. Here come some of the best go-karting tracks in Hyderabad.

1. Shamshadbad Go-kart track 

Treat your adventure-loving soul with the utmost pleasure of racing stimulation and sensations. Let the thrill of go karting and gliding through those racing tracks drive through your pulsating heart. Since, it is nestled at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, which has been the very first airport to have a go-karting track for all the adventure-loving souls out there.

The hair pinned broad turns and lengthy stretches make it suitable for everyone to speed up and experience the wind gushing past the ears.  Above all that, they have an austere set of rules to make sure that people of every age group could experience the rage and thrill of go Karting. Hence, making it achievable for every age group to savour the thrill and rage of racing tracks. 

Must visit/ trending for: Massive Go-Kart tracks

Recommendation: Go-karting 

Popularity: 9/10

Activities: Go karting and racing 

Working hours/ Business Days:  Monday: 12-4am, 7-11pm

On other days: 12-4am, 11am-2pm, 2:45-11pm (including Saturday Sundays)

2. Treasure island resort-OKOS Go-karting, Gandipet 

Being nestled on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Treasure Island Resort has been a great weekend escape for the people going through the hustle and bustle of the city life in Hyderabad. It has also got a massive go-karting track that proffers with a subtle amount of thrill and pleasure to the adventure lovers.

Must visit/ trending for:  Go-karting tracks and leisure activities 

Recommendation: Go-Karting

Popularity: 8/10

Activities:  go-karting and other leisure activities Working hours/ Business Days: 10:30-9:30

3. Hasten Go-karting 

Hasten go-karting tracks could make your heart pump and trigger the adrenaline down the spine for making the go karting experience memorable and unforgettable. 

It has demarcated the go karting sections for every age group in order to make sure that everyone gets the sheer thrill of driving through the smooth racing tracks. 

For adults, they have specifically fabricated 7 BPH go-karts making their heart pulsate and blood pump. 

Must visit/ trending for Go-kart tracks 

Recommendation: Go-Karting

Popularity:  9/10Activities: go-karting Working hours/ Business Days: 10 am – 9 pm

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