While in Chennai, and looking for quality time spending with your friends and family, Go Karting can be just the right answer to the popping question of how to turn a boring day, into a day filled with madness, thrill, and excitement.
The Marina Kart Arena and Kart Attack are two of the hottest places for Go Karting and spending an exhilarating day with your near and dear ones.
These Go Karting arenas of Chennai are not just visited by a huge surge of people, but also gives the blood pumping experience of Go Karting.

1.Marina Kart Arena

Situated in the heart of Chennai, at Marina beach, the Marina Kart Arena is one of the best places to go for Go Karting when in Chennai.
It has a 400m track for Go Karting for tourists and people of Chennai alike and gives them a joyful and fun experience of Go-Karting with their friends and family.
Go Karting at Marina Kart Arena is an exhilarating experience which pumps the tourists up and leaves them with an adrenaline rush.
It sees a huge surge of the crowd during the holidays, and yet still gives the best experience to each and every visitor.
Reservations are best made through calls as it is one of the most sought after go-karting arenas in Chennai.

Popular for Go Karting, the Marina Kart Arena leaves its visitors with happy memories and good experiences.

Baby Kart- 8 Laps – INR 280
Level 1- 7 BHP- 4 Laps  — INR 180
Level 1- 7 BHP- 12 Laps – INR 370
Twin Kart- 5 Mts – INR 530

1 Hour Exclusive Track Hire – INR 16,365
2 Hour Exclusive Track Hire – INR 28,950
Half-Day Exclusive Track Hire – INR 57,785
Full-Day Exclusive Track Hire- Weekdays – INR 1,15,455
Go Karting

Business Hours/Days
Tuesday To Friday: 12pm – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am-9 pm

2.Kart Attack

Located on East Coast Road, Kart Attack is the oldest Go Karting arena there and has a 260m long track for Go Karting and making many memories with your friends and family.
Each round of Go Karting is 5 minutes long and is full of thrill.
The Kart Attack track, although short, makes up for it by having a smooth tarmac and hairpin bends which are bound to give the visitors a rush of adrenaline, and provides them with the best kind of fun and rush.
While each ride of Go Karting is 5 minutes long, every driver has the option to race with anybody, if not just exclusively with their friends or family.
At the end of every race, a race result printout is given to the participants, which lists out every driver’s final position and fastest lap timings, and thus encourages and motivates them to better their skills on every round of Go Karting.

The Kart Attack Arena is a popular destination for Go Karting.

5 Minutes – INR 280
10 Minutes – INR 400

Go Karting

Business Hours/Days
Monday-Friday –3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday — 3:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Sunday –11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

The Marina Kart Arena and the Kart Attack Arena are two of the best arenas for not just Go Karting, but to also bring smiles on the faces of each and every person visiting and giving them and their friends and family the best experience, or the best few hours of their lives.
Go rush out to these arenas for an afternoon of Go Karting, and don’t forget to make many happy memories with your near and dear ones. 

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