The newly opened restaurants, cafes or bars of Chennai promise its guests the best eating experience, with not just mouth-watering dishes, but also its aesthetically driven interiors, and guests centric services.
These places are the talk of the town for being some of the finest restaurants amongst the newly opened or just launched ones.

27 Culinary Street

27 Culinary Street has a great ambience, a fun vibe, and has beautiful interior decorations, or designs which are bound to leave the guests spellbound. With an appealing dining area and good service, 27 Culinary Street, stands amongst the best of the best restaurants in Chennai. The 27 Culinary Street is placed above the Bata Showroom in RK Salai and is immensely spacious. Walking through the doors, right of the bat, the cars which have been turned into tables and chairs, the bare brick walls, popping art and colour schemes, catch the attention of the guests and are not at all dismissible. This place is not just aesthetically pleasing, but is also famous for the different types of cuisines and dishes it presents, keeping in mind the interests and wants of its guests.

Starting from complimentary welcoming drink, to different dishes ranging from Pasta, Dim Sums, Chicken Wings, Prawns, a variety of Chaats, Mongolian dishes, Chicken Banjara, Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh, and even Dal Makhani, which is a speciality here. The Chocolate Panipuri, Gajar ka halwa, and Gulab Jamun are some of the heart-warming desserts here, which end the night on a sweet and happy note. The menu here is a rotational one, which adds new dishes to it and always has an element of surprise. The interior decoration gives off a retro vibe and look and has been very beautifully put forward for the comfort, and satisfaction of the guests.27 Culinary Street also has a moving counter for dishes that can be adjusted by the guests accordingly.

This restaurant is one of the most ideal places for special occasions, casual dinner nights, or fun lunches.

Must-Visit For

Chocolate and strawberry Pani puri

Spicy prawns

Angaada Tangri

Recommendation Visit for a good time, great pictures, and mouthwatering dishes.

The average cost for two 1300 INR

Business hours Monday-Friday – 12 PM-3:30 PM, 7 PM-11 PM

The buffet hours are for lunch are from 12-3:30 PM, and for dinner are from 7 to 11 PM

The Cycle Gap

The Cycle Gap with its quirky and different interiors and decorations have a contemporary Indian vibe to it. It has shiny, wooden furniture which has been painted in vibrant colours, intriguing décor with cycle wheels hanging on the ceiling, and a hip ambience. All of these things have an artistic touch to it.

It is located in the heart of the city of Chennai and is a bar serving to the aesthetic need of its guests, with not just it’s interiors, but also it’s awesome range of food and drinks. It stuns and pleases the foodie inside all of us by delicious cuisines starting from Indian, Continental, Chinese, and even Italian.

With busy weekdays and even busier weekends, The Cycle Gap is one of the most trending bars for the party holics. It has a lively, yet relaxed ambience for people from different aspects. The Cycle Gap has an eclectic mix of cuisines, appetizers to kick start an evening of fun, and different types of drinks or booze to feel at the top of the world. Their most famous dishes are salt and pepper squid, baked mushrooms, Moroccan beef, black bean chicken, Hara Bhara Kebab, Fish Florentine, Chicken Wings, Mutton Pepper Curry, Jamun Cheesecake Jar, Nutella Oreo Jar, and Fruit Platter, among much more for the guests to discover, savour and please their heart, and taste buds.

Must-Visit For

Cheese Stuffed Koftas

Sukka Beef

Beef Peratal

Recommendation Be it parties, casual dinner, or just drinks at the bar, this bar is the perfect place for every occasion.

Average Cost for Two 1200 INR

Business Hours Monday-Sunday – 12 PM-11 PM

ASAP- Sports Bar and Kitchen

With a spacious sitting area, aesthetic décor consisting of wooden high chairs, shiny bar table and an awesomely put up bar, the ASAP bar is one of the most trending and most visited bars in Chennai. Great ambience and good times await every guest, and a different air is felt immediately after walking through the doors of this bar.

The ASAP bar and kitchen, caters to the needs of each and every guest, with an open rooftop for the smokers, a gaming area with snooker and carrom for you and your friends to alight and relive days of the past, and a big area to put forward your best foot forward and show your moves. It is reviewed as one of the best bars of Chennai, with guests coming back regularly and religiously. It has dishes starting from Fillet di-Fish, which is marinated fish, noodles, fried rice, steak, prawns, and even sandwiches.

Must-Visit For

Fillet di-Fish

Bacon-wrapped sausages

Grilled skewer

Potato wedges

Recommendation This bar is the perfect place for a fun evening, casual dinner, or lunch.

Average Cost For Two 1500 INR

Business Hours Monday-Sunday – 11 AM-11 PM

Big Hit

The Big Hit is a café, with beautiful ambience, awesome food, a party area on the rooftop, and even a hook lounge.
This café is one of the most trending and fun places to be.
With wooden round tables, comfy chairs and sofas, great service, delicious food, and beautifully decorated interior, Big Hit is on the list of the best amongst the best cafés.
It has a wide range of cuisines and enjoyable dishes, and heartening drinks.
Murgh Malai Kabab, Tandoori Prawns, Sabnami Tikka, Dal Makhani, Kadai Murgh, Valentine Roll, Chilly Cottage Cheese Gravy, are some among other lips smacking dishes.
This café also provides the best Oreo Cheese Cake shakes, Strawberry Crusher, Kiwi Minto mocktails, which are to die for.
With a café like setting, and spacious sitting area, Hookah or Sheesha is also served here, which caters to the likes of some guests.
A-la-carte menu is served here, and there’s also a buffet kind of system.

Must-Visit For
Chilli Fish Star
Tandoori Lasooni Wings
Non-Veg Pizza

It’s a great place for an enjoyable evening and is popular for its range of delicious dishes, fun ambience, and good vibes.

Average Cost For Two
1400 INR
6754+ Taxes for buffet system

Business Hours
Monday-Sunday – 11:30 AM- 11 PM

99 Bar and Grill

The 99 Bar and Grill is a unique bar that has a wide range of dishes and drinks for which the prices end on the number 9. Items start from 99, and go up to the range of 999.
It has a beautiful sitting area, with a live counter, a bar counter, a dance floor, rooftop seating, and a smoking area.
The interior décor is beautifully laid out, and the rooftop seating area is very aesthetically pleasing.
Their Chicken Skewers, Shanghai Chilli Paneer, Chilli Fish, Chilli Beef, Crispy Lamb, Mushroom Tikka, and a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, are their highlights, among the 99 Bar and Grill Platter, and a veg platter.
Must-Visit For
99 Bar and Grill Platter
Dragon Chicken
Peri-Peri Grill Paneer
Chicken Chettinad
Ideal place for good food, and awesome ambience.
Business Hours
Monday-Sunday – 12 PM- 11 PM

All of these places are some of the ideal places to be it with your friends and family, so go spend an evening making memories, laughing and experiencing a different type of high with your loved ones.

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