Is it that time of the year already? Planning a trip to Bali? But what will you do there? What if you end up getting bored? Here is an itinerary for a seven day trip to Bali, that will make sure that not one second of your marvellous trip is futile!


We want to keep the first daylight and not very loaded and stressful, especially if you’ve landed early morning and need a good night’s sleep!

  • I would suggest that the first thing you do is start your trip with the sanctified blessings of god and head over to the Ulun Danu Temple, lying at the edge of the Baratan Lake in Bedugul. The building is a gorgeous structure made to pay homage to the Goddess of the lake which surrounds the architecture. There are a variety of shrines devoted to different deities and each seems to hold some different significance to the locals of the area.
  • To move on after the temple visit, we can have a quiet and peaceful lunch at the Bebek Bengil located in Ubud. The main delicacy of this restaurant is the duck, served in many different ways, with different explosions of spices in your mouth as you take each bite!
  • We can make the last activity before you decide to jump into your bed, a small visit to the Bali zoo! Located in the Gianyar Regency, the place displays tigers, rhinos, birds of every variety and colours, elephants and a hundred different varieties of animals that make the eyes widen with wonder at the kind of diversity present in this world!


Today is a good day! You should probably be awake fresh and early and I hope you don’t have a sore throat for I have a very happening day planned ahead!

  • Today we start with the coolest thing possible! The Jetpack Joyride!!!! Tanjung Benoa is a MUST VISIT if you decide to visit Bali! The most exciting and adrenalin pumping activity is the water jet, which is strapped on to you back and carries you right to the top allowing you to fly like a seagull!! My my, even writing about this makes me excited! The sessions generally vary from about 15 to 20 minutes and take you to the height of 10 meters above the water surface!
  •  If you are someone who enjoys silver shopping, then take off those straps, dry yourself and let’s get talking…or walking. We are heading over to a small village, located in the depths of Sukawati. The place is known for its silversmiths. The roads are lined with myriads of stalls and vendors selling the most delicate pieces of silver ornaments. Whichever way you look! Good affordable silver! Off to sleep friends! See you tomorrow morning!


Be prepared to start your day with a GOOD hearty breakfast! Time is ticking and we have miles to go!

  • Today we start with a visit to our ancestors, the monkeys! Take a trip to the Monkey Forest, which is a beautiful Hindu temple in Ubud and has been a major attraction for tourists for years. This place is known as a photographically pleasing area and a delight for those looking to snap a few shots. You are also allowed to buy bananas to feed the monkeys which trust me! IS FUN!
  • End your day with a meal at the Jimbaran. What used to be a fishing village is now the most celebrated seafood food joint in Bali! On the coast of the golden coast, you can order loads of seafood. Cooked simply, it is simply HEAVENLICIOUS.


Only four days left kids! Let’s get talking!

  • A day out of Menjangan Island. Located in the north-west of Bali, the place offers experiences like trekking, coral reefs, and the chance to see the most beautiful sea organisms!
  • Buying wood at Mas is another activity, known all over the world for its intricate designs and a place to buy gifts for all those waiting for you at home. 
  • Let’s end the day with a little dance performance. Bali is known far and wide for its amazing Kecak dances. They are performed very often and are an activity that you should definitely. The dance is based on the Hindu epic Ramayana. 


Let’s take a trip to Canggu beach. A beach which is in actuality quite peaceful and still quite popular. A definite trip that you must make if you go to Bali. The sunset is worth dying for. One look is like no other, and you can simply chill, put down a carpet, open a bottle of champagne and breathe.  Visit a turtle sanctuary. Turtles are fascinating creatures and have been very entertaining creatures for centuries. The turtle conservation centre educates its visitors and lets them know about the practices that are endangering the lives of these beings all over the world. They also rescue injured turtles and provide them with the necessary care.


CHOCOLAAAATE!!!! We ALL LOVE CHOCOLATE! Let’s increase this love by taking a visit to the chocolate factory. Indonesia is actually one of the biggest producers of chocolate!  They make the most delicious, mouth-watering delights that will make you want to work in the factory yourself, haha! When in Bali, do as the Indonesians do! The spas in Bali are world-famous. If you go to Bali and don’t take a spa experience, the entire visit will be in vain. Visit one of the spas that are so famous in this place. Rejuvenate yourself and chill! One of the suggestions would be the spa and edge hotel, located in Pectau, known and celebrated in Bali as one of the best!


Let’s keep the last day a leisure day and leave some time for last-minute plans. Sad that you are leaving> the trip ended way too quickly didn’t it?

  • I want you to end your last day with a bang! 
  • So I would suggest that you go wreck diving at Tulamben.  
  • Diving is quite famous all over Bali, but wreck diving is a much rarer concept which is performed at Tulamben, Bali. You will find the most beautiful creatures underwater, corals of a million colours. It is absolutely beautiful!

I hope you have a wonderful trip! These are some of the best suggestions for someone visiting Bali and it will definitely make your trip worth remembering!

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