Are you going on a Thailand trip? Do you know how to pack a bag for that? If you don’t, then you must follow below bag-packing tips for your upcoming Thailand trip. These are some essentials you must not forget while packing a bag for Thailand’s visit.

1. Comfy shoes and slippers-

In Thailand, you need to take your shoes off very frequently; it is not just restricted for entering a house or temple, but also you have to take it off while entering a restaurant, café, shop, or beauty parlour. So it is better to wear something comfortable and convenient that you could easily unlace or remove at frequent visits. Flip-flops and comfy sneakers would be a nice option for frequent visits and travelling in Thailand.

2.  Water bottle

You should take one water bottle with you while traveling to Thailand because your whole day could be a hectic and long one so it is better to stay hydrated while traveling.

3. Sunscreen

You should put sunscreen in your bag so that your skin would feel safe and protected in a hectic schedule of a long day.

4. Raincoat

Do not forget to take a raincoat in your bag pack because it will protect and keep you safe from rain and other bacterial diseases that may occur during the rainy season in Thailand.

5. Swimming costume

Do not forget to pack a swimming costume in your bag; so that to explore beaches in Thailand.

6. Extra clothes

Pack some extra pair of clothes in your bag pack, so that you will feel relaxed and calm in case of an emergency.

7. Hiking shoes

In Thailand, you would get a lot of opportunities for hiking and exploring forests. So for that purpose, you need to pack a good pair of hiking shoes.

8. Climbing shoes

If you are going for an adventurous trip of climbing mountains and rocks in Thailand; do not forget to pack a pair of climbing shoes.

9. Apps you must install while traveling Thailand

There are Thailand specific apps you must install before traveling in Thailand like ‘GrabTaxi’ and ‘next station’. Do not forget to pack these stuff in your bag before traveling in Thailand, even if you forget you can easily get it from shops in Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand. Enjoy and explore the beaches, mountains, tracking, hiking, restaurants, and temples in Thailand.

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