This Microbrewery brings you the Brilliant Ambience, handcrafted beer and chill vibes!!

This Microbrewery brings you the Brilliant Ambience, handcrafted beer and chill vibes!!

Toit Microbrewery, Mumbai

This microbrewery is noted to be the first choice for Casual Dining with one of the best curated cuisines like Modern Indian, Italian and American. 

The primary hub and a sorted place to Catch Up with your Pals. This place is located in Todi Mill Compound which adds on to its perfect location. 

With captivating Happy hours and fun pumped up night life this brewery is the suited choice for Group grabs. 

Toit has been fanatically famous in Bangalore and after setting its fame there, the microbrewery expanded to Mumbai and Mumbaikars couldn’t be happier. 

Known for living up to its location expectations this brewery serves everything with delicacy and it’s the perfect place to unwind and celebrate. The brews undoubtedly are to die for. 

If you are a brew lover you need to try the Toit Weiss which is namely a very popular wheat beer with a tint of banana and cloves. Drinking this will definitely make you feel refreshing and free. 

Must Try Food Picks- 

Vouching for all the Pizza’s whether its Margherita or Pepperoni, you got to try the  Baked Nachos which are supremely in demand. Anyone would be crazy enough if they visit Toit and they don’t delish on  the Bacon Wrapped Chicken as it is filled with all the creamy sauces and mashed potatoes and it’s curated specially for all the Chicken and Bacon Lovers. 

If you are a person who relishes on Beer and Cake and you think that it’s the best go-to combination, you have to try the Layer Cake which is chocolaty just in the right amount and is a perfect partner for your chilled beer.

With courteous staff , aesthetic décor, Toit will make and jam your mood the moment you enter in this Microbrewery. 

Approx: ₹1600 for two people ( inclusive of alcohol) 

Opening hours : 12 pm -1 am. ( Monday to Sunday) 

Location-Zeba Centre, 242, Tulsi Pipe Rd, Lower Parel West, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

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