The ‘Land of Smiles’ with all its perks, can be a challenging place to be at sometimes, due to some common errors that tourist make during their stay. These mistakes are some trivial errors which can easily be avoided if paid a little more attention to.

1. Incorrectly using taxis

Although it is natural for foreigners in Thailand to use taxis or ‘Tuk-Tuks’ to travel from point A to point B, but it is also a hassle due to the drivers asking for a hefty amount for a short distance.
Often tourists can be seen negotiating prices with the driver, who had promptly been waiting outside the hotel.
In case of being stuck in such a situation, it is only advisable to politely decline their offer to drop you at your favoured location, and move forward to some other means of transportation.
It is also advisable to not ask these drivers for the fare they would take to drop you, as this would give them an opportunity to increase the fare much more than it normally costs.

2. Not packing appropriately

Packing for Thailand is not just packing your beachwear, or your party clothes, it is also packing your long-sleeved shirts and T-shirts, and even full-length pants. Certain temples, or religious sites, require its visitors to cover their shoulders, knees, and legs, and it is only right to follow their norms and cultural views. So don’t forget to pack your clothes accordingly, and enjoy the most of your stay without worrying about offending the happy go lucky people of Thailand.

3. No haggling

This is a common mistake that most tourists commit. Assuming everything is cheap in Thailand, shopkeepers are willing to drop down their price by 2-3 times when haggled by the tourists.
The local markets are vibrant, and unique places to shop at, to get cheap, and good products. The correct way to bargain with the merchants would be to do it amicably and not in a condescending or rude manner, after all, these people are such kind people, that their good nature is bound to show on their sales practice too.

4. Getting stuck in a scam

By scam, we mean the fact that ‘Tuk-Tuk’ drivers would tell the tourists that the place they want to go to is closed for the day, then take these tourists to some shady, secret place, and at the end of the day charge a ton of money as their fare.
Be aware of such practices and don’t fall for anything of this sort, which would turn your happy holiday, into a sad one.

5. Keeping your passport back at your hotel

Some police officers, charge a heavy amount of ‘fine’ from tourists who have left their passport and travel documents back at their hotel room. When the said tourists cannot procure them at the command of an arm, or do not have the exact amount of cash needed to pay the fine, they are cordially escorted to an ATM to withdraw cash. So , it is best to keep your documents, safely, on the go, always.

6. Avoiding street food

It would be totally wrong to be at Thailand and miss out on the delicious, street food, and to choose store bought food.
Thailand, like most South Asian countries, is famous for its mouth-watering street food, which is famous amongst locals as well as tourists.

7. Do not over schedule

With hot days, and busy streets, it is best to not overpack your day with activities, as its will soon get very exhausting, and then annoying. The best way to see Thailand, is to take it in, in breaks and intervals. Although the ‘Land of Smiles’ is a beautiful place to be at, and the people are super kind, gracious, and amiable, it is best to make some appropriate measures as to not offend them, and to not spoil your hard earned holiday. So when you finally plan your holiday, make sure to keep these essential points in your mind as to get the best experience out of your vacation.

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