The Maldives consists of 1,192 coral islands, categorized into 26 atolls in bracelet form. The Maldivian islands are situated on a submarine ridge of a length of 960 kilometres and bluster extraordinary marine life. The plethora of pristine grace can leave any tourists perplexed as to where to begin. Here’s presenting 5 magnanimous atolls to relish island hopping in the Maldives.

1. Male Island

Male (mar-lay) endeavours the finest opportunity to view  ‘palpable ‘ Maldives beyond the infinity pool and the resort buffet. Male is the main agent of Maldives business activities and the colloquium for the tales of political and cultural wars,  neglected by sky-scrapers and patterned buildings and enveloped by implausibly blueish-green water. This island is graciously bizarre, with no liquor bistros and eateries, hustle with the bustling fish market, along with the noisy streets. Don’t miss out on learning the Maldivian culture with the locales out there!!

2. Mirihi Island

If you want to dedicate a long weekend in the pint of pollution-free, expurgate air, Mirihi Island must undoubtedly be on your list. Mirihi is prominent mostly for divers, Made-Ge wreck, a core to an abundance of enticing aquatic life. One can spend the day on the island by doing various activities such as diving, snorkelling, watching the sunset with your loved ones!!

3. Biyadhoo Island

A coastal paradise is not beyond those cobalt blue wrinkles of the Indian Ocean, a journey covered by the speedboat, within 30 minutes. Biyadhoo Island presents the intoxicating aroma of the Maldives, nestled in the South Male atoll. Biyadhoo is endowed with verdant greenery and is reputed for its exquisite house-reef. intertwined by a shimmering estuary and crumbly pristine beaches. The Island is prevalent among many of snorkelling and diving devotees and delivers the enervated soul,  calmness, and harmony. 

4. Maafushi Island

Halu Kahinay! (Hello) notwithstanding that this island was unfathomably demolished by the tidal wave in 2004, the indigenous natives are so warm-hearted and compassionate, one would always feel at home. The streets of Maafushi island are a phenomenal place for a refreshing ramble and a tremendous manifestation of Maldivian culture. A not to forget thing is to sunbathe in bikini point.

5. Baros Island

Besides the perils of exploring the unseen treasures of marine life in the Maldivian isthmus, Baros Island is a serene destination away from everyday glitz and glamour. A break from the hustle-bustle of big cities. Although Baros might look like a minute curve on the Maldives map, it’s still very thrilling. Around the island, the spas and meditation hubs endeavours a mystical experience and get close to the sea and cherish solitude.

Take a break from your busy schedules, be lost in this world of water, savour the calmness of the sea, sunsets are waiting for you!!

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