Visiting Foreign Countries is not an easy task as there are so many important things to sort out first, whilst all that most of us do not think or give priority to our Bucket list. A place like Australia is in most people’s bucket list and hence Ballyhoo presents you some of the phenomenal places for your Australian Bucket list.

A mega-diverse country surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is known to be the largest country in Oceania. Surrounded by world’s largest coral Reefs, it is filled with a wide variety of Landscapes i.e. Tropical rainforests, mountain ranges in the south-east and south-west to the desert region at the Centre. Australia is also enriched with its myriad of natural wonders, Enthralling wildlife, dazzling beaches, cosmopolitan metropolises which are indeed captivating to travel around. The unique experiences and the taste of every adventure will make your trip a fabulous one!


Known as the planet’s most extraordinary natural wonder and world’s largest Coral Reef which can be spotted from space is the Great Barrier Reef. It is the home to in numerous marine species with abundant marine life. The world class diving opportunities makes this an ethereal experience for a lifetime. The vibrant corals, Turtles, Sharks and the colourful fishes will definitely mesmerise you to spend more time there.


Mix of beautiful coastal and hinterland scenery, Gold Coast is home to some of the best beaches in entire Australia. This Coastal City in Queensland is known to be a surfer’s paradise. The high-rise skyline themed parks, nightlife and Rainforests seem to dominate as well as magnetize the huge crowd of tourists visiting Australia. Few of the favorite places you will love visiting would be Burleigh heads, Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta, Lamington National Park and Binna Burra National Park.


Australia’s third largest island is the Kangaroo Island, known for its diverse landscape and flourishing beauty. From beaches, sand dunes to forests and rolling farmlands, one can witness a bunch of incredible sites and things to do. The Australian animals like Dolphins, Kangaroos and Koala Bears have been precious inhabitants of the island since it evolved. Despite its recent tragic bush fires this island is known for its unique ecology and is likened to a Noah’s Ark.


One of the liveliest cities in the world, Melbourne is a celebrated place with four seasons in one day pattern. Isn’t that fascinating?  Also if you’re a sports fans then this place should be on your bucket list because starting from Australian Open (Tennis), the Grand Pix to the Melbourne Cup and AFL everything is held here. You can definitely get to explore around if you miss to witness its live presence. This city also offers some of the best cafes and pubs with endless lip-smacking cuisines and drinks. The great festivals and awesome markets adds an extra delight to everyone’s bucket.


Known as the ‘heart of Australia’ Uluru is an island rock mountain at the Centre formed out of sandstones and Ayer rocks. It is surrounded by springs, Waterholes, Rock caves and ancient Paintings with a cultural landscape. The hot desert climate and the island’s unique composition makes it UNESCO’s one of the heritage sites in the World. From sightseeing to Camel and Helicopter rides this island offers a lavish and spiritual experience. The sacredness and spiritual essence of this place makes it special as it is told that the spirits of the ancestral beings still tend to reside over there. The Sunrise and Sunset in this island is one of the few highlights worth experiencing for.


Located in the east coast of Australia, Sydney is one of the populous cities extending on the periphery of the Blue Mountains. Being the one the most expensive city, it is also one of the most liveable cities too. It is known for its volcanic necks and igneous dykes formed out of Triassic rock. The Breathtaking view of the beaches, cliffs, deep river valleys and estuaries make it an ideal place for activities like Hiking, Trekking, Dining and sightseeing of course. Despite being an advanced cosmopolitan city, the woody grasslands and forests tend to maintain the balance between technology and ecology.


One of the romantic places you can add to your bucket list is Wineglass Bay. Located in the east coastline of Tasmania and also a part of Freycinet National Park, Wineglass Bay is famous for its red and pink granite formations. One of the iconic, best beaches in the world can be found in this destination along with exclusive wine and dine facilities. Activities like rock climbing, bird-watching, Scuba-diving, mountain biking, beach walking are a must in one’s bucket list on arriving here. The attached Freycinet National Park is one of the oldest and conserved places with 49 endemic species of plants and animals.


Located within the Alligators Rivers Region, Kakadu National park is an enormous, biodiverse nature reserve. The wetlands, rivers and sandstone escarpments along with the rare and rich Flora & Fauna marks it as a living cultural landscape. The Park’s extensive rock art sites date back to thousands of years and hint the presence of aboriginal people who have been evolving since 50,000 years. The Archaeological and ethnological history of this place makes it artistically the most unique and exceptional destinations worth exploring with numerous activities to unravel. If you’re planning to add a place of great prominence then this is it!


A collection of 74 continental islands make up the Whitsunday Islands located in the central coast of Australia. Known as the heart of world’s natural wonders, this place is full of picture-perfect white sand beaches dotted across the islands. The stunning natural landscape of the coasts along the secluded beaches and towns tend to already give a paradisal vibe. The best activities and romantic getaways would be worth rejoicing here. The additional exhilarating thing here is the exquisite cuisine along with relating services offered.


A small town in south of Perth is the Margaret River. Surrounded by sea cliffs, beaches, lighthouses and surf breaks this place is exceptionally known to attract 500,000 visitors annually. The vineyards, premium wineries, boutiques, extraordinary architecture add a classy dimension to this place. Known for its craft breweries, the farmlands, vineyards are the places where the production takes place. The lush green forest and the river add a spellbound dimension to this place. Shopping, Dining, Trekking, Walking and Cycling are some of the top-rated tourist activities worth experiencing and noting on your bucket list.

Keeping in mind the very recent bushfires that had severely damaged the life and nature of the Country, the only way to help is to contribute and spread awareness which also should be included in your bucket list. HAPPY HOLIDAYING!

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