Hiking is a sure shot way to interact and connect with wildlife, nature, and beauty. India has some of the most beautiful, and alluring hiking trails, which bewitch all of its visitors with its beauty, serenity, and calmness, these trails and treks are like an adventure paradise and no matter which way you turn to, you will surely be able to land yourself in a trail or amidst a trekking expedition. Read further to know about some of the beautiful hiking trails of India.


The Kedarkantha trek is a famous trekking expedition which is mostly undertaken during winters, to get the maximum experience. Situated at an altitude of 12,500 feet, it lies in the Uttarkashi region of Uttarakhand and is famous for its winter, snowy trails, and a magnificent view of the mesmerizing ranges of the upper Himalayas. A 3-4 days trekking expedition, the Kedarkantha trek does not disappoint anyone and brings the hikers across a lake known as the ‘ Juda ka Talab’ which a truly splendid sight

2.Indrahar Pass

Located at the Dhauladhar range in the Himalayan section, the trekking point starts from the Galu Temple, and the expedition comes across Triund, which is a camping ground for hikers, trekkers, and others, alike. It is placed at an altitude of 4,342 feet and is a 12 km long stretch which takes 6 hours to reach the top, and 4 to come down from. Although it is a moderately challenging hiking trip, it lets you cover the Pir Panjal mountain range, and the Dhauladhar range, giving a thrilling, and once in a lifetime experience.


Considered as one of the most popular and sought after treks in the Himalayas, Roopkund is a mountain lake in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and is a beautiful, yet eery lake. This lake has many hikers, and trekkers coming to it during the whole trekking season and are loved and appreciated by the wanderlust souls. At a height of 15,696 feet, the Roopkund trek is a 53 km long trek which takes about 8-9 to complete but does not limit the fun, and the adventure.

4.George Everest

George Everest is a lesser-known place of Mussoorie and is at a hike of one hour, which is fairly easy, with marked routes for the tourists, and is a calm and quiet place with serenity radiating off of every corner. The name of this place is a tribute to Sir George Everest, Surveyor General of India, who completed the Trigonometric Survey of India.

5.Pin Parvati Pass

With spectacular scenic beauty and flowing nature of the Western Himalayas, the Pin Parvati Pass is trekking at the altitude of 5,319 meters, and is a 110 km long trek, and takes about 11-12 days for seasoned trekkers, but is not advised for new trekkers, just beginning to explore their adventurous side. This pass is considered as one of the most difficult trekking passes of the Himalayan ranges.

6.Araku Valley

Trekking or hiking at the Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh is basically for amateur trekkers or beginner hikers, who are slowly and steadily figuring out their limit for hiking and trekking, yet have not lost their passion for it or their lust for adventure, and taking in of beauty and nature. This valley is situated just a little away from the city of Vishakhapatnam and is popular for its luscious landscapes, and is a go-to destination for weekenders coming from Vizag.

7.Chembra Peak

The Chembra Peak is located at a height or altitude of 2,100 meters at Wayanad which is one of the best hill stations of Kerala and has a calm trek. While starting out with the hiking might start to get very tiring and tedious, but steadily it gets into a rather restful slope, which is much easier to climb. Winding through the arms of nature and its breath-taking beauty, this trek is about 9 km long and doesn’t take much time to finish.

8.Rajmachi Fort

The Rajmachi Fort located in present-day Maharashtra is a popular hiking trail, full of natural, bewitching beauty, and the marks of history of the twin forts of Rajmachi. It was once the seat of power, and triumph of the Marathas, and is placed among the beautiful Sahyadri hills.

9.Anamalai Tiger Reserve Nature Trail

The Anamalai Tiger Reserve Nature Trail is famous for its gorgeous, natural beauty and charm, and has become an alternate hiking option to the trek to the Anamudi Peak of the Anamalai Hills of the Western Ghats. This Nature Trail has its own vibrant vibe and aura and is famous amongst many hikers looking for peace and beauty.

10.David Scott Trail

The David Scott Trail of Shillong gives the best trekking experience to take in Meghalaya’s natural beauty, and elegance. Named after a 19th century British Raj official, this trail was originally made to connect the trading routes between Cherrapunjee and present-day Bangladesh and is now a popular hiking and trekking pass in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. Be it hiking, or trekking, these are the best ways to connect and lose ourselves in nature and all its exquisiteness. So, pack your bags, wear your mountain boots, and head out to hike, or trek, and be ready to lose your heart to the trees, and soul to the wind.

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