If you’re planning on a trip to Hong Kong and clueless on what pack, do not worry. Ballyhoo brings you the best of the complete packaging list you can ever come across. So get reading because Hong Kong is the destination!

Situated in Southern China, Hong Kong is a special administrative region in the Eastern side of the famous Pearl River estuary. It is one of the most densely populated regions in the world, it is also known for its high tourist flow all throughout the year with a humid subtropical climate. Being surrounded by the South China Sea from all sides except for north, Hong-Kong is known for its largest skyscrapers with the third largest buildings in the entire world offering tourists an exclusive view of its Republic As the area of Hong Kong has expanded over the years so is the flow of tourists in the region which seem to hint the exotic experiences one gets to witness on arrival. From buzzing nightlife to rich cultural experiences Hong Kong proves to be more than a financial destination or a business trip.



• Don’t worry about communication because along with Chinese, English is also their Spoken and official Language.

• Public Transport is easy to understand and accessible for all.

• A basic small map and guidebook is essential.

• Generally People are very friendly and helpful around, so you can easily get help with navigations and also get a tour guide if you wish to. 

• Passport and Visa is the only way you can access to another country so don’t forget to carry it safely, you can also get a passport/Visa protector for better convenience and more safety.

• 1 Hong Kong Dollar= 9.15 Rupees. (INR)

• Download the Apps required. (such as for Taxis and payment related)

• Hong Kong is 2hours 30minutes ahead of India regarding Time, so don’t forget to adjust your time accordingly no matter where you’re heading from.

• Be on Time or maybe before time, would be a great benefit.


FLIGHTS- Booking your flights beforehand is a must, since there are plenty of options you can surf through different websites and choose your desired Airline along with the date and time desired. Booking Round trip-tickets seem more beneficial.

TRAVEL INSURANCE- Travel insurance is mandatory if you’re travelling out of your country as it covers the cost of medical care, replace lost items and helps to deal with other annoyances during your entire journey. So get it done to avoid unnecessary problems.

PASSPORT & VISA- Passport is another mandatory, it is very important to check the validity because a lot of places require a passport to have at least one month extra validity so it is advisable if you can get it valid for another year. Visa is as essential as a passport, it is better to fulfill the entry permit requirements beforehand so that you don’t get jumbled up at the last moment. As for India it is Visa-free to travel around Hong Kong for 14days so do check the restrictions along with it.

CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS- Debit and Credit Cards are widely accepted in Hong Kong but before using it you should make sure your bank has knowledge and approval of it, along with the mentioning of safe guidelines so that you don’t have to face any unexpected inconvenience later.

DOCUMENTS- It is always safer to carry a copy of your important documents like identity proof, driver’s license whether it be scanned softcopy/hardcopy.

TRAVEL WALLET- A good quality travel wallet ensures your things are safe and organized whether it be documents or cards, carrying one is a huge necessity.

HEALTH NECESSITIES- It is very important to carry your required medicines/vitamins/essential oils, first aid kits while travelling along with the Doctor’s prescriptions so that you do not face any difficulties throughout the trip. Make sure you carry the required and extra for backup. 

PACKAGING LIST FOR LUGGAGE: Since Hong Kong is a modern city, most of the things like toiletries, medicines and other things would be constantly available wherever you go, so you do not need a pile or a big stock of it. So here goes the list of things you can start packing off with-

CLOTHING- The top most important should be the first priority too i.e. clothes which would vary depending upon which season you go, you can definitely pack accordingly starting from tanks, crop tops, pants, tshirts, dresses, skirts for Summer to Jackets, Sweaters, hoodies, Corduroy jeans for Winters. Pack well and remember not to overload/overpack.

FOOTWEAR- Footwear is as essential as clothing because without it the outfit remains incomplete. Make sure you carry your footwears according to the climate/season you go on. Sport shoes are a must since it goes with a lot of things whether you go hiking or sightseeing. Boots is another highlight and fashion statement to carry. It is recommendable to carry 4 to 5 pairs of shoes/sandals not more than that.

ACCESSORIES- Accessorizing is must while on a trip because who does not want to be stylish! From Mufflers, scarves, socks to hair ties, bands, hats, caps, clips, earrings, bracelets, pendants, gloves, the list is never ending. Pack your accessories according to your needs and ideas so that it matches your outfit and style. Socks, Scarves, Hats and umbrellas are the most needed essentials wherever you go whether its summer, monsoon or winter. Don’t forget to pack these definitely!

TOILETRIES- Considered one of the most essentials without which no would step out, Toiletries are definitely to be carried if you want to save up time and avoid purchasing. From toothpaste, toothbrush, bodywash, shampoos to makeup, sunscreen, sanitary products, wipes, shaving requirements the list goes never ending at times. Towels, tissues, insect repellant, deodorant and sanitizers are few of the high demand products one should not forget at all.

ELECTRONIC GADGETS- Whilst travelling obviously everyone carries a set of electronic gadgets most required. From Smartphones, Tablets, E-Readers, Earphones to Laptops, Cameras, Portable Chargers, Flash Drives, you can pack your required devices according to your need and purpose. Keep in mind not to carry anything extra and unnecessary. Hong Kong is a technology driven city so incase you forgot something or any malfunction occurs you can replace and buy a new one.

BACKPACKS- Make sure you carry your backpack and keep the most crucial things, starting from Camera, chargers, wipes/tissues, mints, snacks, medicines, first aid, sunscreens, lip balms ,pocket perfumes and whatever you wish to keep.


• Pack your clothes or either roll it in an organized manner along with footwear covered properly which would save up a lot of space. 

• Keep dryer sheets along and above your clothes and shoes to keep them fresh and clean.

• Pack all your gadgets and devices together in compartments in one separate bag so that it doesn’t get damaged/tangled.

• Carry Ziplocs and duct tapes to fix/mend anything everything.

• Keep your medications and important items in an easily accessible space, maybe backpack.

• Accessories and Jewelries should be kept in proper boxes or packs so that it doesn’t get tangled/rusted.

• Make sure you do not overpack or overload your luggage which would lead you to pay a fine and sign extra load forms.


• Sightseeing and exploring Lantau Island’s Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery.

• Venturing in Lamma Island.

• Hiking and Trekking in Victoria Peak.

• Shopping in Stanley Market.

• Exploring Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery.

• Sightseeing in Central’s Escalator.

• Exploring Disneyland.

• Watching Victoria Waterfront Laser Light Show.

• Venturing in Kowloon & Nathan Road. 

• Exploring, Cycling/Walking in Shek O Beach Town.

Hong Kong being a busy cosmopolitan city has a wide range of things to explore. The merge of the eastern and western cultures along with the blend of seaside adventures, rural settings, endless mountains and skyscrapers makes this place one of the most worth visiting cities in the world.

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