Leisure Road trips are always an amusement. A break from shackles of your daily life is an ultimate requisite. And when it’s a road trip from Bangalore to Coorg you just have to decide when to take it and off you go into the untrodden depths of wilderness and Beauty. The quiet windy trails and never-ending view of the misty landscapes never fail to bring in the thrill, be it anyone because “the greatest part of a road trip isn’t about arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way”- Emma Chase. One single destination is not a place but rather a new way of seeing things. So here are few places you can dive in and explore on the way from Bangalore to the hill station of Coorg, the Scotland of South India also known as the land of Kodagu.


A Spiritual experience onboard while travelling is one of the glorious things to witness. Initially a small Buddhist Temple amidst the forests in Bylakuppe, a part of Kodagu district is the Namdroling monastery grown into a magnificent golden temple filled with statues of Lord Buddha and other deities. Home to five thousand lamas this place is one of the largest teaching center of Buddhism. From Blooming flower gardens, intrinsic architecture to the vivid paintings on the walls, this exquisite place is worth the stop and drop by. The young disciples of the monastery meditating, Studying and venturing around is indeed another moment worth witnessing for. The nearby cafes and market add more charm to this place. Overall this place is a divine experience one must halt for.


One must also experience the drill and thrill on a road trip and the best place to halt on the way is the Nagarhole National Park located in the Kodagu district. Also known as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park this place is regarded as one of India’s premier Tiger Reserves. Home to animals and birds like Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Sloth Bear, Striped Hyena, Barking Deer, Four-horned Antelope, Malabar grey hornbill, Blue-winged Parakeet can be sighted here. Being a part of Nilgiri Biospere Reserve the park is filled with enchanting streams, valleys, hills and waterfalls one must not miss.  Jeep safari, Coracle rides and bus safaris are quite the highlights here for venturing around the Park and making your journey enthralling one.


A perfect place for nature enthusiasts would be the one filled with scenic landscape and waterbodies. And the most sought place would be Abbey Water Falls located in Madikeri. Opposite to a hanging bridge, twirled between the coffee and spice plantations marking its refreshing aroma and scenic grandeur, this place is ideal for trekking and also picnic. The major attraction here is the sound and the sight of water gushing down the falls which get thicker and loud during the monsoon. The fresh flow of air blowing around also tend to spread the aroma of fresh spices, adding more essence to this place. The small temple of Goddess Kali right near the waterfall is another site to witness along with seeking blessings and atlast heading out to a safe and delighted journey ahead.


Raja’s seat or the Sunset Point is another fascinating stop located at Madikeri. It was the recreational place for activities from which the Kodagu Kings used to enjoy glorious sunsets and same goes by for the tourists aswell now. The small pallivion surrounded by pillars with rich historical essence is the highlight of this place along with its enhanced surroundings known for its spectacular view and beauty. This place is full of splendid gardens filled with colourful seasonal flowers along with Musical fountains which get beamed up in the evening are the sights of attraction along with toy train facility which takes around its tourists for a small ride around the park witnessing the mesmerizing view of the mountains and also the Raja’s seat from a distance which sums up why its worth visiting for.



Looking for an exhilarating stop on the way this place would be the perfect fit for wanderlust travelers. Located near Kushalnagar in Kodagu district is a 64-acre small island known as Kaveri Nisaragadhama, a Delta formed by the river Kaveri. The adventurous entrance to this island is through a hanging rope bridge surrounded by green foliage and on entering the place it is filled with lush-green, thick bamboo groves, sandalwood and teal trees making the island more enticing. The major attractions of this place include the Rabbit and Deer ecological park known for luscious view, the orchidarium  filled with fresh, bright orchids, along with activities like picnic, boating etc making this place a must visit atleast once in a lifetime especially for Bangaloreans.

Inorder to make the best out of a roadtrip , stopping by few places on the way is one of the most wonderful and exciting things to do. If you want to make your trip an interesting one you should definitely not miss any of these places. Cheers to a great getaway!

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