Located in the province of Indonesia and westernmost part of Lesser Sunda is the land of Volcanoes and Coral Reefs i.e. the Kingdom of Bali. Considered as one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Bali is indeed the breath-taking place in every travel enthusiast’s Bucket list. From Lip-smacking delicacies, super-fun activities to discovering the unseen beauty of the islands, this place has a lot to offer. And if you are already Planning for a trip to Bali, then this is the most exotic place for a fantabulous vacation. So here goes some of the best Islands to retreat yourself with. 

Best Time to visit: April-October (dry season) and November-March. (Rainy season)

Transportation: via Flight (8-9 hours) from India to Bali.

Weather: 30-33 C (even climate all year round with humidity level of about 85%)

Access to the Islands: via Speed Boats. (from any of the mainland ports)

NUSA PENIDA- Birdwatcher’s Paradise.

If you want to start-off island hopping with the best then Nusa Penida is the stop. One of the biggest out of the triangle-islands including Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan, this island is a paradise-cum-adventure for travelers. From the most magical, Romantic sunsets to the thrilling viewpoints along the beaches which are indeed a bonus to the best time you’re going to have. Don’t forget the other two Islands out of the trio as they are near, easy to reach and you might venture upon more of Serenity and Dreamy Blue Lagoons for sure. 

Distance: 66KM from Bali.

Ideal duration for Stay: 2-3 Nights.

Fun Activities: Monkey Swings, Snorkeling, Ferry rides, Sunset Watching, Trekking, Cliff hopping, Diving in Natural Pools.

Sites of Attraction: Banah Cliffs, Teletubbie hill, Saren cliff, Abangan hills, Tembeling Beach, Diamond Beach, Manta Bay, Pulau Seribu, Angel’s Billabong, Thousand island beach, Crystal Bay, Kelingking T-Rex, Seganing Falls and Pura Goa Giri Putri Cave.

JAVA ISLAND- land of Culture and Heritage.

Want to explore the Deep-rooted Indonesian Culture and Heritage then Java is the place you should ferry-off to. Formed out of volcanic eruptions, it is the 13th largest island in the world bordered by Indian Ocean and Java Sea. It is full of architectural marvels, ancient temples and royal embodiments along with its famous tropical rainforest which will make your experience an enthralling one. Rightly known as Mini Indonesia Jakarta, Bogor, Malang, Jogja and Badung are the famous cities in the island of Java worth venturing in absolutely!

Distance: 613KM from Bali.

Ideal Duration for Stay: 2-3 Nights.

Fun Activities: Hiking, Shopping, Temple Hopping, Sightseeing, exploring Monuments and Cultural remains.

Sites of Attraction: Borobudur Temple, Bandung, Mount Bromo, Taman Sari, Mount Merapi, Taman Indah, Semeru, Diweng Plateau and Jalan Malioboro.

KOMODO ISLAND- Land of Dragons.

If you’re fond of Volcanoes, Forests and Wildlife then the real thrill would be the Komodo Islands, the land of largest living Komodo Dragons around 4,000 most probably. No need to get scared because these creatures are the special ones here and are harmless until you do not harm them too, just be careful because they have a high-sense of smell and make sure you follow the rules given by the tour guides. The rusty Volcanic Hills and Forests filled with mangrove Shrubs and savannah are the ultimate scenic Reminiscences travelers take back with them. The surrounding Waters of the Island are filled with seagrass bed, coral reefs also making it a fun-filled place for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling with the Manta Rays and Trekking ofcourse to the most delightful viewpoints.

Distance: 479 KM from Bali.

Ideal Duration for Stay: 1-2 Nights.

Fun Activities: Scuba Diving, Trekking, Exploring Wildlife, Hiking, Ferry Rides.

Sites of Attraction: Pink Beach, Manta Ray Point, Komodo Island National Park, Trek Padar, Gili Lawa, Pulau Kalong, Taka Makassar.

GILI MENO- Honeymoon Island.

If you’re searching for a romantic getaway then the Gili Meno is the Spot. It is one of the Gili Islands including the islands of Gili Air and Gili Trawangan. Gili Meno is known for its best stay-in facilities, romantic sunsets and delicious savouries. Visitors have a hard time on leaving the enchanting beauty of this island. It is quite famous for its Turtle Sanctuary, Romantic Spots and Suites, it also delights its visitors with appetizing, scrumptious food served by the local restaurants out there which you cannot afford to miss at all! 

Distance: 106KM from Bali.

Ideal Duration for Stay: 2-3 Nights.

Fun activities: Snorkeling, Beach Walking, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Boating.

Sites of Attraction: Gili Meno Beach, Turtle Sanctuary, Saltwater Lake, Bird Park.

Gili Trawangan- Hippie Island.

If you want enjoy Nightlife with friends/family this is the exact place to Party. Known for its infamous night markets, booze-cruise Parties Gili Trawangan is the island destined for the young-hearts. Surrounded by noisy vendors, Flea markets, Bars and shacks by the beach this island tends to attract a lot single travelers and Backpackers. It is one of the three Gili Islands as mentioned above. The other island like Gili Gede is just few KMS away and is known for its hidden gems especially the underwater Souvenirs, so if you want one you can easily venture into and get one.

Distance: 104KM

Ideal Duration for Stay: 1-2 Nights.

Fun Activities: Scuba Diving, Sunset Swings, Shopping, Partying, Cruise rides, Surfing, yoga and Sea Walking.

Sites of Attraction: Pearl Beach, Ombak Sunset Swing, Nest Sculpture, Gili Trawangan View Point.

Island Hopping is fun especially when you fly into a Paradise like Bali. Among all the fun don’t forget to carry your camera because what’s a life without captured memories also there are special photowalks where the locals guide you to the best Panoramic view so don’t leave a chance to miss that. Happy Holidaying!

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