Planning to visit Europe’s most enchanting capital? Whilst your excitement and packing, Here are the 10 things you can do in Paris.

The world’s fashion capital is also the capital of France is everyone’s dream destination and the most visited in the entire world. The city of Paris, located in northern central France is called the ‘city of lights’ and has no global parallel. The sparkling rivers along the English Channel, the astonishing landscapes, the Baroque monuments along with the romantic essence and Parisian vibe makes the city more elegant. Being one of the iconic places in the world, Paris today is one of the world’s driving places for business, style, stimulation, craftsmanship and culture. The Charming sidewalks, gleaming boutiques, world class museums along with the fabled restaurants, there are endless things to do in Paris.



Visit world’s largest art museum l.e. Louvre located on the right bank of the Seine in the city’s first arrondissement. This place is recognized for world’s best and renowned art/paintings. The massive, overwhelming structures will definitely lift up your expectations. The smaller museums like the Musee Marmottan, Musée Rodin and Musee de l’Orangerie contain equally important and beautiful art, there are also plenty of museums which focus on lighter and frothier stuff, including fashion, wine and money which definitely grab your zeal to explore these intimate galleries.


The most famous place to be in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Being the most visited place, it is recommendable to visit at noon although the night view and light shows are an incredible delight too. The tower has three levels for visitors, with restaurants on the first and second levels. The top level’s upper platform is the highest and is considered the observation deck accessible to the public which is indeed beyond fascinating.



Parisian Dining have initially got more romantic as well as casual and luscious. With Michelin-starred spots to the convivial bistros and cafes that serve up simpler and outstanding meals are booked months prior, so you already must know the drill.  From Le Clarence to Dame de Pic and restaurants like Sylvestre have reasonably priced Lunch, dinner menus less than $150. The newly opened low-priced establishments have majorly taken over the best of the town views serving the best wines, cheese, croissants, macaroons, baguettes, steaks, oysters, falafel and a lot more. Get ready to lip-smack!



Paris is known for the heavy traffic jams, exploring and going around is a task as cabbing around can get you snarled amidst the traffic. The electric scooters are convenient but eventually you’ll get stuck since the streets are narrow. Public transport is quite recommendable if you’re touring around the city yourself.  Walking in Paris is the best way to see it as it is not big in comparison to other cities, strolling from one point to another along the fancy bistros and gleaming streets is a unique kind of pleasure and delight although it requires patience. Also it only takes two hours to cross from north to south of the city by walking, so you can easily plan your day/evening ahead and it would be worthy.



The Canal St. Martin have always attracted a huge crowd of visitors giving a perfect amount of Paris postcard charm. If you want to experience a down to earth Parisian neighborhood then this is the place to be. The Canal still functions as a waterway and occasionally bridges are swung and locks are opened up along the boats making a way for journey. The markets, cafes, boutiques, boulevards, cemeteries add a classic charm to the canal and are located at the prime spots. Also it is known to be quite a favorable picnic spot so you already know by now the list of things to do.



Paris is known as the heart of French hence there will be rare traces of non-local language or English but the secret of this place is its historical playhouses i.e. theatres. But don’t worry the theatres here offer you with best shows starting from comedy, operas, concerts what not. People love theatre especially the locals and later the tourists too, once you enter you’ll get to witness the true core of city’s local, vibrant culture with its mesmerizing productions made accessible to travelers with different language subtitles, most commonly in English.



Moulin Rouge is quite famous if you visit Paris. The famous musical-dance entertainment here is sure to leave you bamboozled. The birthplace of can-can dance and its performers are widely known for their great and exceptional performance. Visitors tend to come from all around the world. The Club’s décor still contains much of the romance from Fin de Siecle France



The Palace of Versailles, the royal residence of France is about 20 kilometers southwest of the Centre of Paris. The palace is now a historical monument and UNESCO world heritage site. Being the second most visited monument in Paris, the magnificent architecture and interior is something more than fascinating leaving visitors in absolute awe-admiration. The whole grandeur is intertwined with French and European history depicting the epitome of monarchy marking itself as the most beautiful palace in the world.


Paris houses many of history’s stunningly breathtaking spiritual relics i.e. churches and cathedrals. The majestic edifices although fell near-ruin still stand to be the most elegant and iconic structures of all time. From grand gothic cathedrals to gorgeous neo-classical chapels Paris has it all. You can also make a list of the best sites according to your span of stay and get the best of these aesthetic, classic structures.



One of the most famous streets in the world are the shopping lanes in Paris and we all know how much everyone loves Shopping. The shopping streets are filled with impressive luxury boutiques offering an eclectic mix of classic designers such Hermes and concept stores such as Colette. The Champ Elysees is one of the famous shopping streets stretching in the length of 2 kilometers lined with boutiques such as Louis Vuitton to Cartier. The huge flagship stores promise unique and premium shopping experience which is worth investing despite being luxury expensive.

Along with strolling around having the best food and time of your life in the dream city, don’t forget to pick up souvenirs of your choice framing the best memories your extravagant Journey in the fashion Capital.

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