People have always been fond of adventure and a country like India blooms with its natural Flora & Fauna making it the most ideal place for venturing and exploring activities. The edges and the hilly terrains tend to be the most suitable for thrilling adventures, so if you’re a travel junkie trekking would be one of the most interesting and equally beautiful things to experience. So tighten your backpack and footgear because here are some of the most infamous treks of India you can go ahead to!

Trekking Essentials: Rug-Sack, Thermo-flasks, Healthy Snacks, Required and basic Medicines, Blankets, Sleeping Bag, First aid, Emergency mechanical tool-kit, Good shoes (Boots), Warm thick Clothes and  Body Accessories, Necessary Aids, Sanitary Products, Canned Food, Mini Water-purifier, eco-Lighters or Matchboxes, Small Cooking tools and accessories, manual navigation maps, etc.


Top of the hills in Uttaranchal, Valley of Flowers is quite famous and exactly goes with its naming. Blooming brightly it is a huge valley of flowers growing vividly along with various colours and types. The spectacular view of the mountains and the evergreen fresh aroma of flowers tend to take its tourists to a whole new set of paradise which is still unexplored. Despite remote surroundings and moderate difficulty in reaching the top, the trek is known to be worth climbing for.

Located at: Garhwal Himalayas

Height/altitude: 3658m. (Approx)

Suitable season: July to September.

Duration for Stay: 5days.


Situated on a lake, Roopkund is known for its thrill and Spooky surroundings filled with human skeletal remains at the bottom. The lush green environment around with its distinctive fauna makes it an ideal place to sight unique bird species and animals. Although being moderately difficult to reach the top the view is mesmerizing along with the Temples and its fairly remote population serving the best to the tourists and their own livelihood in there.

Located at: Uttarakhand.

Height/altitude: 5029m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: September to October or May end to June end.

Duration for Stay: 6days.


Fairly Populated amidst the Freshwater Lake is the Dodital region surrounded by wide snow-clad mountains. Famous for natural beauty and cultural heritage, this place holds a good number of tourists trekking all the way up there to witness the mesmerizing landscape along with the leisure time spent in the small eco-friendly shacks and tents. The breezy cool winds and the cold weather makes this place quite unique, popular and most visited by tourists.

Located at: Garwal, Uttarakhand.

Height/altitude: 3307m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: April to November.

Duration for Stay: 5days


One of the most difficult and highest summits in India is the Stok kangri located at the very high foot of the Ladakh Region. Despite its difficulty of climbing it is another most popular and infamous treks in India which is desired by a whole population of travel enthusiasts. Trekkers visiting here at least must possess basic or little advanced mountaineering and survival skills which will tend to benefit them through their entire journey. Although tiresome, this place has the most majestic and breathtaking view of the Himalayas one could seldomly come across.

Located at: Ladakh.

Height/altitude: 6153m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: July to September.

Duration for Stay: 6days.


Known as one of the spine-chilling regions, Chadar trek is located across the wide terrain of Ladakh region. Being one of the coldest, frosty region this place is famous for its ancient culture and uniquely beautiful landscape covered with snow. The slippery and icy-routes makes this place equally thrilling and exciting were tourists/visitors have to be very cautious of what they step on. Although little tough and uncertain pathways this region gives away one of the most beautiful sights of nature one could witness while being alive.

Located at: Leh Ladakh. 

Height/altitude: 3390m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: January to February.

Duration for Stay: 7days.


Surrounded by Blue Mountains on all sides, this trek is located in the Gangotri Glacier, Gomukh region. Famous for its natural habitat, plants and thick-coated animals this trek is equally risky and immensely beautiful at sight. The northern cold winds seem to be constantly blowing making it one of the chilliest as well as challenging treks. Despite the hardships along the way while climbing, the top tends to serve one of the most exquisite views one will come across.

Located at: Garhwal Himalayas.

Height/altitude: 4463m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: May to October.

Duration for Stay: 9days.


One of another popular and easy trek is the Markha Valley Trek. Being a fairly populated region it includes small villages, clear streams along with agricultural fields like wheat, barley, mustard etc. Surrounded by dry mountainous valleys one can sight the animals being grazed by Buddhist farmers who are known for their kindness and great hospitality. On climbing up one would also come across the Buddhist Monasteries where one can witness the ecstasy of peaceful living and thinking. Being one of the easily reachable treks one can extend their stay as long as they want depending upon the constraints/permit of that particular area/region.

Located at: Ladakh.

Height/altitude: 5150m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: Mid-June to Mid-October.

Duration for Stay: 6-8days.


Surrounded by 7,000+ peaks Kuari Tapovan is one the moderately easy among the Garhwal Regional treks. Famous for its rare and exotic Himalayan Fauna like the Snow Leopards and Musk Deer, these animals are also currently considered to be in threat of being endangered due to the unethical and explicit hunting activities.  The top of the peak is the Kuari Pass which is also the highlight of the trip due to its height and extra-ordinary landscape view surrounded by tall

Located at: Garhwal.

Height/altitude: 4264m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: April to June and September to November.

Duration for Stay: 5days.


Known for its pristine natural beauty, the Nanda Devi Trek located at the very foothills of Himalayas. Considered the highest peak in Garhwal region, it is filled with several sparkling streams, rivers and glaciers making it an ideal place for livelihood. The Nanda Devi National park is the reason behind its rich flora and fauna which attracts a huge population of tourists every year. Although trekking up to the peak is quite a tricky and difficult task, the view is magnificent and alluring enough for the tourists to keep going with a good spirit and energy. 

Located at: Garhwal Himalayas.

Height/altitude: 4150m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: May to June and September to October.

Duration for Stay: 7-8days.


Located right at the heart of Sikkim, in front of the great Kanchenjunga mountains, Goecha La trek is considered the third highest mountain peak on the entire planet. Surrounded by the enchanting rhododendron forests, it is filled with clear blue lakes, fairy-tale hill stations and beautiful landscapes, all on the way to the trek. The climb which is quite challenging is subsided by the mesmerizing view on reaching the top.

Located at: Sikkim, Northeast.

Height/altitude: 4940m. (Approx.)

Suitable season: Mid-March to June and September to Mid-November.

Duration for Stay: 7-8days.

Conclusion: Trekking, Hiking, Mountaineering are not just easy/basic, everyday tasks, it needs proper skills and accurate knowledge along with the zeal to explore. Of course,travel enthusiasts love thrill and adventure but before that make sure one gets to acquire the proper knowledge and information. Travelling in groups with a tour guide or a local is one of the best ways to safe as well as enjoyable journey. Before setting for an exciting adventure make sure one gets to know the pros and cons of it. Safe and Happy trails! Make sure not to forget the trekking essentials/survival kit.

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