Lockdown in London

London, one of the world’s most important global cities, is the capital and the largest city of England and the United Kingdom. London is very important as it is considered to be the most desirable, influential, visited, expensive, innovative (and so on) city to live. This place is home to a diverse population and cultures. But the question is how does London look when it is in lockdown? It is very rare to see this city’s approx 8 million population going to standby. But Even though the whole city is in lockdown, many people have not taken it seriously. People can still be seen on the streets and kids can be seen in fields playing soccer without much distancing. At present, the scenario has improved a lot and the situation is getting tightened up. 

Another important social issue that comes up During such lockdowns is the division of class. At such times one has to consider kids and other Londoners who don’t have a home or can’t go home because of various circumstances. London has a history of plague laws which are ages old where the wardens could be seen checking streets and checking house to house. Even though the lockdown is not taken seriously but the scene from the plague time is coming back. All the restaurants, fast food shacks, and other famous food stations are now closed. It is now mandatory to leave the house only in case of extreme necessity. 

It is tough to see a busy city deserted, but it is just to avoid greater problems that the city can face. It is definite that all the places where the lockdown was taken for granted will have stricter surveillance and it will be ensured that such an important city won’t become a major target of this pandemic.

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