What is lockdown?

When you turn on the news you will only see about the pandemic and the whole world going under a lockdown. Even though this lockdown is very crucial to tackle this pandemic but is a nightmare for many. But what is a lockdown?

A lockdown is a state of emergency where there is a complete restriction on every person over leaving a given area. In simple terms, a complete lockdown means you must stay where you are and not leave the place until further order. During such times only really important services such as pharmacies, the hospital etc continues to serve the public. All activities which are considered non-essentials will remain shut during a lockdown.

There are 3 types of lockdown:

Preventive lockdown

This is a type of lockdown where all the people are restricted to come out on the streets to avoid any danger at all. These are usually implemented for a less important issue and generally in a smaller area.

Emergency lockdown

These are lockdowns that are implemented when there is a huge threat of injury to humans and their lives. These implemented serious issues like affecting national security.

In infectious disease

This type of lockdown is implemented when there is a serious epidemic or pandemic. The main is to stop the spread of disease. For many people, this is a nightmare because you have to be surrounded by four walls all the time and cannot step out or do anything you like outside. But on a brighter side, you can escape from your busy life schedule during such lockdowns and fulfil all your wishlist which you wanted to do for a long time.

In a nutshell, lockdown is a protocol where you are strictly not allowed to exit your place unless there is a serious emergency. This can be really tough but it is necessary to stick to what is said by the higher authority

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