What to Do When You’ve Got Nothing to Do

COVID-19 swooped in like a messiah and remodeled the planet to every introvert’s pipedream. No going out of the house? No movies or dinners or parties? NO HAND HOLDING? Are you kidding me, that’s the stuff of my dreams. Coronavirus may not have wiped out the human race but it did manage to wipe out everything an introvert dreads. In this stay at home vacation or stay-cation, what are you doing? I’m sure if you’re an extrovert reading this, you have already googled every possible thing you can do at home to avoid going cuckoo-crazy but here’s a list of things you can do (trust me, I’ve been doing this way longer).

1. Lazy Late Mornings

Coronavirus rid us of Monday blues, we owe it to ourselves to just sleep. I know you know how awesome it is to not have to wait for Sundays to wake up late and well rested.

2. Brunches at home

You know that cookbook you bought when cookbooks were still a thing? Or remember how mum says you’ll have to cook for yourself when you live on your own? Now’s a good time for practice…

3. Indoor Workout Sessions

You know the excuses (“I can’t focus on myself no time work work work blah blah blah”).  Lose that 5 pounds you wanted to lose or work on those abs, make use of that treadmill you bought on an impulse.

4. Work from Home Luxury

You wanted it and now you’ve got it, be grateful. You don’t get to work sitting on beds or sofas every time there’s a pandemic.

5. Family Karaoke

You’re all stuck with the people you love most and what says love better than a song? Set up the karaoke system. You know you sing better than you kid, right?

6. Post Some Selfies

You know how you always wanted to become a social media influencer? Put on a chic outfit, look your best and click as many selfies as you can.

7. Video Calls

Call all your distant relatives and childhood friends to make sure they remember you. To stay sane, you have to stay busy. There’s tons to do so put down your phone now! RIGHT NOW-

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