Coronavirus in the US

The situation in the United States is worrisome with thousands of cases getting detected every day, regardless of very strict measures by the government. As of now, there are 68,472 cases detected, 1032 deaths and just 394 recovered of coronavirus. It is expected that more cases with further explode due to delay in testing by private and state labs and test kit shortages.

New York State is the epicentre of the US outbreak accounts for more than half of the country’s known coronavirus cases, with 5100 new cases detected in one day. With the increasing number of known cases from hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, life across the country has turned upside down in profound ways. School playgrounds and college courtyards now stand empty. Parlours, nail salons, department stores, and barbershops have been forced to close. All concerts and tournaments including baseball’s spring training, college basketball tournaments and concert tours have been called off.

Many of the initial coronavirus cases in the United States were due to overseas travel, localized outbreaks have become increasingly common. New groups of detected cases in nursing homes and other places are emerging each day. Public health officials often are unable to analyze how people are becoming ill despite a considerable amount of precautions being taken. The US Army has reached out to retired medical personnel to volunteer to support the coronavirus outbreak. With roughly one-third of the world under some form of lockdown, the White House and Senate leaders reached an agreement on a landmark $2 trillion stimulus package to combat the economic impact of coronavirus. Also, President Donald Trump is motivating the citizens to get back to their business by Easter, April 12, when he said he would like to see churches full of people. The World Health Organization, meanwhile, has warned that the U.S. could become the pandemic’s new epicenter.

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