The United Kingdom facing Italy style lockdown

Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease which is spreading at a very fast rate. This disease becomes more deadly since there are no vaccines or treatment for this disease. According to WHO, the best way to prevent and slow down the transmission is due by being well informed about the virus and how it spreads. They also recommend washing your hands and using alcohol-based sanitizers to protect yourself from the virus.

The corona is affecting almost all countries around the globe. But out of all Italy is one of the most affected countries. On 30th march itself, there were 812 death cases were found making the total death count to 11591. The total number of cases is 101739 and it is very risky for anyone to step out of their houses as there are high chances of this to spread. Because of all these reasons, strict restrictions were imposed on all the citizens in Italy. Amidst all these lots of people were seen spending their time in public places like parks in the United Kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson responded to these concerns by warning them that Italy style lockdown will be imposed if people don’t act responsibly where everyone’s movement will be forcibly restricted.

During a press conference, the statistics were compared with the count in Italy and the full country was in high alert. Even after all these ministers considered keeping parks open for the people’s peace of mind and exposure to nature. But now seeing people ignoring the government guidelines on social distancing the seriousness with respect to lockdown has increased and even Italy style lockdown may be imposed to check on the spread of this disease. Hence to regulate the spread of this disease and to ensure that this does not escalate due to people’s negligence, the UK should impose strict lockdown.

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