Why You Should Feel Grateful During These Tough Times

With introducing a great pandemic like this, 2020 really has decided to not be friendly to any of us. More than half a million people have been affected due to the COVID-19, and day by day the situation is just getting worse. You are sitting in your house, scared out of your mind and no one to give you a solution. 

Social distancing has become the norm now, and we don’t know how long this is going to last. So, why should you be thankful? What should motivate you to believe? Well for starters, look around you. When was the last time you spent so much time with your parents, away from the fast-paced life which has become your norm? Everything has come to a halt, yes, but you can finally take a breath. 

Moreover, the fact that you are safe in your house reading this article, and not in one of the isolation wards is a lot to be grateful for. The streets no longer have vehicles, which means the carbon emissions have reduced drastically, resulting in cleaner air for us to breathe in! Mother Earth has hit the reset button, and life around us is growing – the plants, the animals, everything is getting back to normal. This sudden and drastic change in the world has left it so much cleaner! You have got to be thankful for that. What’s more, is that even though you are stuck in your house, you can connect with your friends and family all across the world, through your phones and laptops. Imagine a world without technology. Now imagine this situation in a similar world. It becomes rather impossible to even think about it, right?

Another thing you should be grateful for. Granted, the times are tough, and we are all scared and perhaps bored out of our minds. But this is one opportunity for us to reconnect to our inner selves, as well as our family. 

Find out what you love doing. Pick a new hobby, or teach yourself a new language! The possibilities are endless – all you have to do is stay strong, and have hope. Pray for those who are suffering, and send your strength to those putting their lives in risk for you. Meanwhile, STAY HOME! 

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