How corona is helping unite everyone

When the whole world is locked down in their homes, human connections seem to have taken a setback yet in this difficult hour a virus has managed to unite everyone in different ways, in newer ways, in more innovative ways. Taking a look at some of the ways when we allied on the same note.

Junta Curfew – The 5 pm clapping

On 22 March 2020, there was a nationwide 14-hour voluntary curfew in India as declared by the prime minister of India. The Sunday which was generally reserved for going out, stocking up groceries for the week or other chores was replaced as a stay at home day. But the real unity came out when at 5 pm a large chunk of the public came out in their balconies to clap for those who work in the front line during these hard times. Conch shells, claps or plates the support came in every form every section of the society. While many argue that it had no implication but it does uplift the spirits.

# then vs now challenge

With the Facebook usage skyrocketing due to more leisure time the hashtag that trends are the #then vs now challenge where you post your childhood pictures and your pictures now. While this is most of it is online it’s quite fun to dig up those old albums, tagging your best friends and family, commenting on those photos and teasing your friends about them. With the world going spiral down in sadness these little things give us moments of joy by uniting us.

Family time 

With a majority of population indoors most of the people are gathering themselves to spend time with their families. Considering this as the time stolen from their busy schedules which often disconnect them from their loved ones most of the people are making the best out of this time. The common thread that unites all of us in this is the quest of precious time or rather quality time with our loved ones. 

People for us 

While we work from home or not work from home chill and binge watch give to our hobbies or pursue leisure many go out every day to battle the unseen devil. They are the frontline workers, doctors, medical staff, police, security personnel, essential service provides and many more. Coronavirus had made us see the mirror- the real heroes whom we need to cheer for. While the virus had also shown the ugly side of our society how these people get discriminated. The virus on one hand creates barriers amongst our own also unites us to fight against it. 

For them

We have the luxury to work from home, to stay at home. However, there are still millions who have to worry about two square meals every day. For those people whom nobody cared, today many care. With donations and gratitude pouring in today once again humanity had united against this anonymous enemy to protect their own people.

This novel coronavirus had locked us down in our homes however it has also united us in many ways. It had given all of us time to look into our lives, to express gratitude for the real avengers of our society and to unite humanity against all odds.

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