Say Yes to Lockdown

COVID-19 is a global concern, which has put more than half of the world on lockdown. Firstly, what is a lockdown? It is a state of isolation or restricted access instituted as a security measure. Our entire country is also on lockdown for 21 days where the doctors and police are advising self-isolation and social distancing again and again. Each person with coronavirus can go on to infect around 2.5 people. If each of those people goes about their day as normal, and infect another 2.5 people, within a month, 406 people would be infected just from that first infection.

The capability of individuals who have mild symptoms, but can still spread the virus, clearly justifies why social distancing or limiting contact with others, in addition to other actions such as washing your hands and not touching your face, is so important. The World Health Organization (WHO) is starting to refer to it as physical distancing instead to emphasize the importance of being far away enough to avoid infection from the respiratory droplets that carry the virus. Everyone must adhere to government advisory, whether or not they think they are sick. This will not only save their life but other’s lives also. As there is no vaccine available and there is very less number of isolation rooms available in ratio to the total number of infected patients, hence staying at home and practicing self-isolation is the best possible way to stay safe from the virus.

Total lockdown is the most feasible initiative by the government to ensure minimal contact of people with each other. Countries that had epidemics first like China and South Korea have brought cases down drastically through widespread testing and social distancing. The government has ensured that the public will not face any crisis of essential goods like grocery and medicine. It is also helping the poorer or less privileged people who were dependant on their daily wages for food by supplying them food kits. There are numerous helpline numbers by the government and police which are very actively helping the people in case of emergency. Lockdown is no doubt challenging, it is having a mental, financial as well physical impact on people, but there is no way other than social restriction to stop the spread of the virus.

Stay Safe Stay Home!

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