Is the nature angry with us?

The corona virus pandemic had once again brought the human race to their knees. It had managed to go on rampage killing thousands everyday and bringing the lives of the mankind to standstill. While we continue to worry about unemployment and the economic slowdown that is a direct consequence of this disease, the nature restoring itself in beautiful ways makes us think was this contagion a viral incongruity or rather nature’s good old way of giving it back to the mankind.

When Delhi’s pollution soared high with AQI at record 1000 we saw it just as a phase after all who needs clean air, we have air purifiers in our homes. The environment can degrade as much as it wants. But today amidst this lockdown with AQI below 100 in Delhi cleaner and fresher air we are at the best judges of how we had treated our mother nature. We who have borrowed this nature from our descendants, are we doing any good while waging war against it.

Taking historical references, we have seen that whenever we had destroyed the nature, waged a war against it or not respected it, it had given us back all the hate, the wrath had often made the mother nature the destroyer. There are many instances when nature’s fury blazed us.

The last year the whole world saw an unusually hot weather. The heat wave ensured at least an increase of 5 degree temperature from ordinary summers. The earth got warmer and warmer. The heat took lives of more than thousand lives. Some say it’s the ozone layer that’s depleting some say it’s the global warming bringing up his head, while we know it’s us who had reduced the green cover and made earth a concrete jungle, it’s us we had not taken care of it. 

While the earth burnt us in summers it gave enough rains to flood too. The year 2019 and 2020 saw a large number of floods in India, Nepal, China, and Bangladesh. Kerala, Bihar, Assam, Pune, Vadodara and Arunachal Pradesh in India were worst affected. Cyclone Fani teared Odisha and destroyed the livelihoods of many. When we battled with water nature gave us fires, the Bandipore forest fires of the Australian forest fires that seared away innocent animals, nature which had taken all our exploitations and greed to her gave it all back.

Now at this juncture when we all are amidst the lockdown suddenly a strange picture comes to mind as if nature as locked its most unruly children so that it’s other children can heal themselves. While we lockdown animals in zoo for our entertainment, nature locked us down to protect itself. It’s definitely worth thinking that whether this pandemic is a viral infection or rather nature’s fury? Is nature angry with the humankind? The answer lies within us.

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