A Magical Night Under the Northern Lights

The enchanting Aurora Borealis also known as the Northern Lights, is a visual phenomenon wherein charged particles from the sun in the atmosphere of the Earth are trapped in the earth’s magnetic field and it creates an alluring vision of colorful, shimmering lights in the night sky. These magical scenes can be seen from certain locations on the earth where there is a magnetic latitude above 55° and an index of low light pollution in the area, as then there would be clear visibility. And one such place is Lapland, Finland.

An other-worldly view from Lapland

Nature’s most fascinating light show, the Aurora Borealis, can be observed from various sky view places such as from glass igloos to extravagant suites in the Lapland region. Aurora Borealis is visible to the naked eyes on approximately 200 evenings every year – or every other clear-skied evening – only in the skies of Finnish Lapland. The usual or more conventional methods for spotting the Aurora Borealis are: snowshoeing, cross country skiing or snowmobile and sled hound visiting. In the unfortunate situation that you do not prefer to look at the evening sky in the freezing cold winter air, you can basically come over to Lapland where we offer a plethora of comfortable, heated and insulated lodges where you can gaze at the shimmering vision and rest soundly under the Aurorae Borealis.

Kemi seaside glass villas by the bay of Bothnia

Charming and secluded villa area located right by the quiet Snow Castle and an evening walk away from the bustling Kemi city centre. With just 20 of these villas incorporated by the bay, they are attached with some small kitchens and cozy bathrooms. It is a comfortable spot to cuddle up and appreciate nature’s mind boggling light show – the Northern Lights. In Sea Lapland nature presents its excellent light show from early harvest time until pre-summer.

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