Essentials you must pack for Croatia summer trip

Croatia has been a popular destination for those who want to explore and enjoy summer vacations. From hiking to exploring waterfalls, Croatia is a place to all nature lovers with amazing views of beautiful beaches and coastlines. So, if you are going to spend these summers in Croatia then these are some of the essentials that you must pack in your bag before going to Croatia.

1. Raincoat

Do not forget to pack a raincoat as it is always a good idea to be ready for unpredictable and uncertain weather conditions. Try to get a raincoat that easily fit in your suitcase and is easily packable.

2. Sunscreen

The weather can be very sunny and harsh too on the beach, so it’s better to pack sunscreen in your bag, it will help you protect from excessive tan.

3. Water bottle

Always carry a water bottle while travelling because it can be very hectic and dehydrating in summers to travel without proper water intake.

4. Beachwear

Pack a pretty pair of beachwear, because in summers you will be exploring the beaches in Croatia so it’s better to pack a nice pair of beachwear for the emergencies.

5. Sunglasses

Summer can be very harsh with your eyes too, so if you’re planning for a whole day out on beaches and markets of Croatia Then it’s better to keep sunglasses in your bag.

6. Hat

Pack a stylish hat to add the summer look to your dress up. Apart from the look, it will also help you protect from the direct heat on your face.

7. Comfortable flip flops

If you want to be carefree about what you’re going to wear on your foot that will be comfortable for whole day travelling then you must wisely choose comfortable flip flops because your daily schedule can be hectic and tiring so with the flip flops, it will be very easy and convenient for you to travel all day long.

8. Beautiful summer dress

Pack some beautiful summer dresses like shorts, funky tees, and pop colour dresses. You, Will, be exploring the beauty of Croatia and for that, you’ll need to dress up beautifully to take some best pictures to make it preserve as one of the best memories.

Croatia has many beautiful islands and national parks that are famous hotspots among travellers to spend the weekends and summer vacations. So what are you waiting for guys! Just pack your bags and make it the best souvenir these summers.

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