10 Most Instagrammed Places in India

In this digital age our whole lives revolve around social media it’s frenzy and we are somewhere happy to cater to it. While everyone struggles with their Insta stories with exquisite locations, we bring to you the most Instagrammed places in India for your Insta worthy streams.

1. Taj Mahal, Agra

“For men may come and men may go but I go on forever ….” might be the correct lines to describe this place. This medieval wonder continues to awe the visitors over and over again. From visiting it with parents and getting a picture clicked by those photographers to get your selfie in front of it- the journey makes it a more special place.

2. Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

If there is a place that can fill both your Instagram and your mood with colours then its Valley of flowers in Uttarakhand. While Uttarakhand has many Instagrammed places such as the aarti at Haridwar or River rafting at Rishikesh what sets the valley of flowers apart is it sways everyone regardless of whether you’re the adventure seeker or the spiritual one. It fills up every soul with happiness and colours something quite rare in these times.

3. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

whether it’s the magnificent Golden palace of Jaisalmer with grand opulence or live streaming your blowing hairs in the gushing winds of Thar desert, Jaisalmer is the blazing paradise for all the Instagrammers. The cultural dance with bonfire is something that one should experience at least once in a lifetime.

4. Sikkim

The snow-capped mountains, your shivering hand holding up a cuppa of chai and saying cheers to the first rays of the sun, the peaceful monasteries or the cute little children playing football without any worry. Does someone need more reasons for this place to be one of the most sought after?

5. Amritsar, Punjab

The Golden temple, Seva at langar or a lunch in the langar in the morning and roaming around the streets of Amritsar at night trying out every possible street food available seems to be the bible routine for most of the bloggers Instagrammers influencer visiting Amritsar. While you can do that too because it’s repeated because it works.

6. Goa

After Dil Chahta Hai Every college group had always made a goa plan. Well, that’s another reason for being Goa for one of the most popular places among the Young ones. Whether it’s Palolem Beach or Baga, jet skiing or parasailing it’s just not enough in Goa. While the Portuguese churches and basilicas add an essence of history to the travel, it’s the food and the vibe that’s worth exploring.

7. Leh- Ladakh

The snow-capped mountains, the bikes grazing up the valley, the trekkers on the edge of a new thrill or the innovative snow stupas, Leh and Ladakh is on the bucket list of every traveller. The breathtaking or rather breathless locales makes you feel that like that hot thupka in this cold desert.

8. Munnar

The filter Kapi, hills, rainy breeze and those uncharted picturesque landscapes make Munnar and its surrounding areas every Instagrammers’ perfect choice for those exotic photography pursuits. Not only that Munnar is something which boasts of making you feel all refreshed ad rebooted.

9. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Well, nothing is more incredible relaxing on a hammock while the waves of Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean wash nearby. The relaxing with the corals underwater or nearing our roots with primitive tribes or feeling the Adeline rush in cellular jail listening to the stories of the prisoners Andaman and Nicobar Islands is our queen of the sea.

10. Mumbai

The city of dreams is also the city of Instagrammers’ delight. Be It the Gateway of India or walking in Juhu, standing all day to catch a glimpse of your favourite star or watching DDLJ in Maratha mandir Mumbai is something that despite being explored remains unexplored.

While these places have their enigma, these, when captured in your Instagram feed, sets you apart in the digital space. So, pack your bags and start your insta exploration, these splendours await you.

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