Food that travels

Carrying your own food while traveling saves money and is also great for sudden hunger pangs. That does not mean you don’t try the local cuisine. It just means to have something in case you wander far off and your belly rumbles. Also if you have young kids, packing food is essential.

1) Fruits:

Fruits can be carried whole, in bags, preferably in baskets. They last easily around 3-4 days and the best thing about them is they are a healthier option than any junk around. Add a spoonful of yoghurt in a bowl of fruit and a delicious fruit salad is ready to devour. Chopping is not something you prefer? Grapes, bananas, apples, strawberries, guavas can be eaten whole. Just wash them thoroughly before packing and they are all yours to consume.

2) Tamarind rice:

Tamarind rice is a South Indian delicacy for rice lovers. Point to note is, one should drain maximum water from rice before starting the cooking process. Add salt, tamarind juice but refrain adding onion or coconut because onion won’t let your preparation last long. It can be consumed as lunch or dinner during your travel.

3) Aloo Puri:

This is a relished breakfast in North India. Toss the potatoes in simple spices and deep fry the puris. Puris are edible even after a good 24 hours and delicious as well. Pickles and chutney are mouth-watering accompaniments to puri.

4) Chiwda:

Chiwda is a great option for an evening snack. Flattened rice flakes are roasted with minimum or no oil. Roasted groundnuts, cashew nuts, raisins are added to the already roasted rice flakes. Lastly, some salt is added which means that snack is ready to be packed.

5) Khakhra:

A common dish served in Gujarat and Rajasthan as breakfast or tea time snack. Oil, spices are added to wheat flour, kneaded into dough, rolled into thin round shapes and then roasted or griddled. Cumin and fenugreek are optional which just enhance its taste. It can last about a month and is easy to carry as well.

6) Dry fruits:

Almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, dates, plums are easy to carry in pockets while travelling without having to worry about disposing of carry bags. They are a great source of nourishment and don’t kill the appetite.

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