Welcome to New Zealand, where the beaches are golden and the trees grow slanted. The slope point is the southernmost point in New Zealand where the wind blows with such an extreme speed that the natural vegetation has started growing with a slant. South to the slope point is the vast ocean with nothing else in sight. Thousands of tourists visit every year just to feel the overpowering wind in their faces. Dig your feet into the earth, because this is going to be a windy ride.

How is it so windy

The slope point is situated over a rugged mountainous region in the southernmost part of New Zealand.  It is 4,803 kilometres away from the South Pole and a massive 5,140 kilometres below the equator. The location of the point is 46.66 degrees allowing the Antarctic winds to hit the place with a full unaffected speed of 2000 miles per hour. What is even more scary it that the cliff ends in a steep chilling fall into the ocean. Grab your skinny friend close lest he flies away to Antarctica.

What else can I do there

Once there you can check out the twisted trees of the slope point. They were planted there by shepherds to prevent their sheep from flying away! The weird and unique shapes the trees take are truly a sight to witness. The green and open pastures of the slope point also make it an ideal place to sit down and relax with your family. The wind feels amazing on your face and can break or speed up without warning. Make sure to sit away from the edge of the cliff to avoid becoming an example to other tourists.

The slope point in New Zealand is one of the most bizarre places you can visit on the planet. The weirdly tangled trees and the vast ocean ahead makes the journey picturesque and unbelievable unique. The speeding winds make you realize how small you are in comparison to the mighty nature. The point is extremely easy to locate, just head down to the southernmost point in the Eastern hemisphere.

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