Ingenuity comes in many ways and to the Austrians it came in the form of creating an underwater amusement park. The Grüner lake in Austria is calm on the surface but as you step into the water, you are taken into another dimension. The Green lake is surrounded by snowy mountains and forests making the view both above and below the water, mesmerizing. Tired of conventional parks and in the search for something new, the Grüner see is for you.

What to do in the Green lake

The Green lake underwater park is like most other parks, you just go there for a stroll and to catch the artificial oxygen from a mask. The lake is extremely scenic both above and under water and the water there is crystal clear with a tint of green. The lake is like any ordinary lake in the winter but when the snow melts, that’s when the fun starts. Adding to the Park theme, the lake has trees, footpaths and even benches for you to sit down. The overall experience is magnificent.

Best time to visit the Green lake

Unless you want to catch pneumonia and freeze to death, visiting the Grüner see in winter is not the best idea. The water levels are extremely low, up to only 2 metres and the water is freezing cold. When the glaciers melt in the summer, the water level rises and the park is fully submerged. The bright shining sun only adds to the surreal experience of an underground park. Visit the park during noon to avoid crowds and the cold weather. While a full body suit is provided to you, no one can promise escape from the extreme cold.

The Grüner Lake in Austria is the perfect place for you to enjoy your summer vacation. The lush green underwater grass along with the trees and benches make the park seem real and even more fun to explore. The tall mountains and vast forests make the view above almost as good as the one underwater. Want to experience something unusual and memorable, head over to the Grüner Lake in Austria.

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