Unusual Marble Creations of Chile

The marble caverns or called the Capillas De Mármol found in the General Carrera Lakes is a breathtaking nature’s gift. This glacial lake can be visited through a boat in about a time of half an hour. It is a haven for any photographers and a blessed land showcasing the aesthetic nature. The best time to explore this place on early mornings from December to March. The beautiful turquoise water azure open skies and such designed swirling cavern walls is enchanting.

The hidden marble beauty nestled between the rock islands are accessible through ferry trips are an unmatched example of nature’s work of calcium carbonate deposits in vibrant colours giving a calm sensation to your soul. The panoramic translucent waters and mind blowing rock formations are a view to behold. 

How the Patagonia marble caves formed?

The sea waves thrashing on the rocks and six centuries worth of calcium carbonate deposition have led to the development of this exuberant formation which is a remarkable and memorable aquatic exploration. 

One can reach this is a unique place which can be reached by kayaks, boats, canoes and even motorboats. When visiting in the spring season sometimes parts of caves can be walked as the water level is quite low and that is one wonderful feeling. There is also a chance of hiking the insides of marble caves, and you may spot some of a kind designs deep-seated in them. If visiting this place out of season one can enjoy another magic with the deep dark waters which are at much higher levels. The beauty of this location is scenic in all seasons and times. The colour and depth of water changes with the different seasons and times of the year and all of them are equally spectacular.

In the stay in nearby accommodations, one can engage in many wilderness explorations and trips. Kayaking and glacier explorations are also other options in San Rafael Glacier located nearby. This hidden gem is also called the Marble Cathedral and has this ethereal touch to it. Nature can be observed uninterrupted, isolated and in its element through the tunnel systems, raging water, intricate carvings in beautiful hues from black to blue, green, yellow and swirling patterns in these natural cave formations.

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