Exploring the unique cotton castle of Turkey

Travertine pools of Turkey in Pamukkale are a wonderful and relaxing place to be with its thermal pools. The cotton castle is basically a spa town of the ancient times.

What is so special?

These are natural hot water springs in Denizli, Turkey. And travertine is the white limestone roofs and terraces to these pools of hot water.

History behind it

It is a site of an ancient city with a rich heritage. The city of Hierapolis above the travertines is now nothing more than ruins but once was the spa town for the Romans. The view of these natural pools is amazing with the stark white sand blues. The warm waters are a joy to enjoy and bathe in. Other things to visit is the preserved Roman city of Hierapolis along with the structures which are as old as 2200 years.  It is a wonder to be for the history lover. One can have a visit to the amphitheatre which is a huge ancient Roman structure. With a little bit of hiking, a breath-taking view of abundant history is present.

One can have a bath in Cleopatra pools which is believed to be the place where the beautiful Cleopatra used to take a bath accounting to the mineral richness as her beauty regime. This is very soothing water to soak in and a hit among the tourists. The next best thing to explore is the local markets of Pamukkale where one can shop for local stuff, trinkets, souvenirs and much more such beautiful things. Local delicacies and handmade bowls and painted and crafted carpets are good purchases to make in these local shops.

When visiting Turkey – going for the travertine pools is a must. And the best time to visit is from April to mid-June. The blessing of mother nature for humans through these natural warm hot water springs and picturesque locations is remarkable. Enjoying these and having it the bucket list is something which can’t be missed on. The UNESCO world heritage site is to check out and enjoy. Thousands of tourists turning every year to experience this bizarre place holds the proof to its reputation as a must-visit location.

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