A Dreamland Where Turquoise Waters Meets the Pink Sand

Shining against the blue waters of the east Atlantic Ocean, stands the picturesque Harbour Island of the Bahamas. Lined with palm trees and coral reefs, this island stands out for something more mesmerizing, its pink colored sand. Having been listed in the top 10 beaches in the world on various travelling networks and magazines, the pink sand beach at Harbour island continues to be a dream beach. Stretching across an area of over five kilometers, this soft sand beach lets visitors relax and enjoy the feel of paradise from various different spots on the beach making it very private and personal.

The Phenomenon of the Gorgeous Pink Sand

The pink color forms due to the presence of the reddish-pink shells of the tiny marine animal – foraminifera, that mixes with the soft sand along with other sea shells. These tiny beings are usually found on sea beds, underneath rocks and inside caves. When there are strong currents that travel across the ocean, they carry these tiny organisms and they crash onto the beach when the waves hit the bay, embedding their empty shells on to the spotless beach. The pinkish hue of the sand can be best observed at the edge of the beach where the water hits the sand. The pink sand stays on the beach throughout and makes it a perfect spot to capture beautiful and memorable pictures.

When and Where to Stay in This Pink Paradise

The beach is usually at its best during the cool and breezy months from December to May. With the shining sun on your back, sparkling sea and cool pink sand beneath your feet, what more can one dream? There are various options when it comes to accommodation on this gorgeous island. From classic hotels to beach houses and standalone villas with balconies overlooking the sea and the sand, there are a barrage of options to choose from based on your personal preferences. While here at Harbour island, do not forget to click some fantastic and memorable pictures at one of the most instagrammable pink beaches in the world!

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