Known for its white sand beaches and its beautiful resorts, Mexico is not exactly the place where one would expect something out of the ordinary. The Giant Crystal cave in Mexico is a great examples to remind humankind of the grandeur the natural world possesses. A cave in Mexico discovered very recently in the year 2000 holds one of the largest crystals ever to be seen by man.

How is this possible

The gypsum crystals in the cave are about 36 feet tall on average. Before the discovery of the cave, the largest crystal to be found was a mere 2 feet tall! Then how exactly are there 11-meter-tall crystals? The reason for the humongous size of the crystals is because of the special conditions under which they grew. Hidden under the surface of the earth, the crystals were subjected to a staggering temperature of 58℃. The mineral rich water found in the cave, also played a crucial role in the exceptional growth of these crystals.

Can I visit the cave

Well, if you are a professional geologist then maybe but as an ordinary tourist, it’s highly unlikely for you to be able to visit the cave. The temperature in that location would be too much for you too bare without proper equipment. Furthermore, it is difficult even for scientists to stay there for longer than 20 minutes as the toxic mineral gases cannot be stopped by body suits. The long crystals have extremely pointy ends. Unless you do not want to die of suffocation or get impaled by a 30-foot crystal, it is suggested that you stay clear of the cave.

The Giant Crystal Cave is truly a sight worth seeing but sadly it is closed for tourists and rightly so. The unique conditions of the cave make it an extremely sensitive ecological sight. It becomes our duty as people to preserve such jewels of nature and prevent them from getting contaminated. While the cave looks exactly like the fortress of solitude in Superman (1978), no kryptonian nor earthling can imagine what lies in the depth of the cave.

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