India is a country rich in culture, heritage and religious practices. The country is one of the oldest in the world and has a history richer than perhaps any other nation. While India is full of vivid colours, dance and music on the outside, the nation has its dark secrets. Here are 20 mysterious places in India that are more bizarre than even the Bermuda Triangle.

1.   Skeleton Lake, Roopkund

Hidden below the chilling waters of the Roopkund lake in Uttarakhand are the skeletal remains of around 200 human beings. Scientists believed that the people whose remains lie here met their fate over 1200 years ago. Roopkund is one of the most popular treks in India and most people that go there are aware of the story of the skeleton lake. Legend says that the remains are of King Jasadhava, his wife and the members of his voyage who faced the wrath of the goddess Nanda Devi after they danced on her holy grounds.

2.   Magnetic Hills, Ladakh

In the northernmost corner of the country, is the village of Ladakh. Located at an altitude of 7000 feet, the place is filled with snowy mountains and incredible views. In this scenic location, there is one place where tourists head down to witness magic. The magnetic hills of Ladakh make your vehicle move forward while the ignition is switched off! While the name magnetic hills suggests that the vehicles move because of a magnetic attraction towards the road, the actual reason is an optical illusion resulting from the gravitational pull of that place.

3.    Mass Birds suicide, Jatinga

Popular for its Kaziranga national park, the state of Assam is nestled among the 7 sisters in the east. A few years ago, a mysterious phenomenon was observed in the Jatinga village of Assam and continues to date. A flock of migratory birds come to the village in the evening and smash themselves to death! Scientists are yet to find out explanations behind the gruesome mystery of this suicide point.

4.    Channarayna Durga, Tumkur

A 2-hour drive from the metropolitan city of Bengaluru is the Channarayana Durga trek. The location is a great trek and is a hidden gem in the state of Karnataka, known only to a few people. The steep tiring trek ends up in a majestic fort dating to the 16th Century. While the trek is extremely secluded, at the top of the cliff you can find rituals to scare away demon spirits. What makes this trek even more frightening is the fact that while no person visits this place, the long golden grass on the path is tied up in knots! 

5.   Karni Mata temple, Rajasthan

The weirdness of this temple can be identified by the amounts of rat scampering in and out of the area. The temple is home to a rat population of more than 20000. The rats here are considered auspicious and are even prayed to! The leftover food of the rats is considered divine and offered to the devotees. In the event of a rat’s death, a golden statue is made in its memory.

6.   Floating stones, Rameswaram

The popular story from the Ramayana where the monkey army creates a bridge in the water with stones is well known in every household of the country. A remnant of one of those magical stones can be found in the city of Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu. The rock floating in a vessel of water and still has the ‘Sri Ram’ inscribed on it.

7.   Living Tree Bridges, Meghalaya

These trees in Meghalaya will make you question your knowledge of plants again. As children we have been all been taught that plans have feelings but for the first time you can actually see plants helping humans. The roots of two rubber trees situated about 10 feet apart, have grown to an enormous length of 3000 feet bridging the gap between them!

8.    Twin town, Kodinhi

A small village in Malappuram, Kerala, Kodhini is known for its unique ability to give birth to only twins. There are over 200 pairs of twins in the city. Most people you meet here have an identical copy of themselves. To make things more interesting, girls marrying outside of the village give births to twins too. Scientists say this phenomenon occurs due to some chemicals present in the water but there is no substantial evidence.

9.     Dumas Beach, Gujarat

The Dumas beach seems like any ordinary beach from the outside, but once at the shore, you will realise what makes this place so scary. It is believed that the winds coming from the ocean carry the whispers of the dead. The whispers are usually of people who had their funerals on the beach. At night, the spookiness of the place is toned up as people are advised not to stroll along the water.

10. Levitating stone, Shivapur

Is it possible to lift a 70 kg rock, without touching it? Well it is at the Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh shrine in Shivapur. The seemingly ordinary rock can apparently only be lifted if 11 men gather around it and shout the name of the Sufi saint Qamar Ali. The popular belief is that the saint placed a curse on the rock as it was wrongly used for bodybuilding 800 years ago.

11. Delhi Cantt

The mystery of the Delhi Cantt is one of the most popular horror stories in India. This is the iconic place where a lady in white saree appears at night, waiting for people to ask for a lift in their cars. This lady usually appears to be in distress and if you do not stop for her she runs alongside the car, regardless of the pace at which you are driving. While this story seems like a myth, there are people who swear on their lives that they have seen her.

12. Phutkal Monastery, Ladakh

There are no shortages of Monasteries in India, most of them being easily accessible and popular tourist attractions. Usually devoid of tourist activity due to its insane location, the Phutkal monastery is one of the loneliest on the planet. The interesting fact about this monastery is that it is engraved within the walls of the mountain making it practically undetectable. One can only imagine how the people built this back in the 12th century.

13. Hanging Pillar, Andhra Pradesh

When it comes to architectural marvels, India is home to many, but the hanging pillar is sure to make you scratch your heads. In the Lepakshi temple of Andhra Pradesh there are 70 pillars out of which one does not touch the ground. People pass thin objects like shawls under the pillar and they pass through perfectly. It is also believed that passing such objects brings good luck.

14. UFO sightings, Kongka La pass Ladakh

Probably the least habituated area in the country, Kongka La pass is located at a height of 16000 feet. It is right next to the India- China border driving even the locals away from this place. One thing about this place that sends shivers down everyone’s spine is the fact that there have been multiple UFO sightings at this place! The locals also claim that they have seen weirdly shaped humanoids walking in and around the location. 

15.  Red Rain, Idukki

A place famous for its national parks and the scenic Western Ghats, the city of Idukki in Kerala is home to a very unique scientific phenomenon. The rains in the city are red in colour leading to the place being called the red city. After severe analysis by the scientific community the reason for the red colour has been established to be the presence of red coloured algae growing in the region.

16.  Bullet Baba, Bandai

The famous shrine in Rajasthan has an old Royal Enfield as its deity. Travelers, especially bikers flock to this makeshift temple to pray for a safe journey. The shrine came into being after the death of a man named Om Singh Rathore. Om Banna died at that very spot in a tragic accident on his way home from a long ride. The remnants of his bike are now worshipped by many.

17.  Tunnel 33, Shimla

Often known as the home of the friendly ghost, the tunnel 33 in the Shimla Kalka train route is said to be where British Official, Captain Barog killed himself. The stories say that he committed suicide because he could not complete the train in time and was fined heavily by the British government. Too humiliated with himself, the Captain committed suicide in front of a speeding train. His ghost is supposedly friendly and talks to people who can see it.

18.  Balancing rock, Mahabalipuram

A well-known tourist spot in India, the balancing rock is an extreme phenomenon that defies all laws of physics. The rock has a radius of 5 meters, weighs over 2000 kilograms and is positioned on a smooth surface yet what is astonishing is the fact that it does not roll over. Almost spherical in shape, the massive boulder balances on a point one tenth its surface area. The rock also provides shade and shelter to people who are brave enough to rest under it.

19.  Doorless Village, Shani Shignapur

Trust in humanity can be restored once you visit the village of Shani Shignapur in Maharashtra. Not a single house in the village has doors, making it easy for insects, animals and other people to enter your house without even having to knock. The architect of the village was certainly a very trusting person and that trust has been passed down to the villagers. Shignapur is one of the few cities in the country where not even a single crime has been committed.

20. Ghost lights, West Bengal

The wishing wasps from the Disney movie Brave can be witnessed in real life at the forests of West Bengal. The forests gleam up with blue light in certain intervals capable of making any person flee away in fear. Popularly referred to as the Aleya lights, these magical luminescent balls are responsible for the death of many fishermen in the area who lose their way.

India is a land full of mysteries and there is no denying that. Some are just scientific illusions like the magnetic road in Ladakh while others are based on myths like the aliens in Kongka La pass. But there are some truly events that cannot be explained like the dying birds in Jatinga. One can only say that India is a land full of enigmas.

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