The town of Ladakh, located in the state of Jammu Kashmir is an important military and trade location. The town is situated at an altitude of 7000 feet and is home to serene and picturesque locations. Apart from its extreme natural beauty, the hills in Ladakh also possess supernatural powers. The magnetic road is one such example. Stop your vehicle under the sign on the road and watch as it defies gravity and climbs up the road with absolutely no external force!

How is it possible ?

The name, magnetic hills is enough to give you an idea behind the unsupported movement of the car. And like you there are many others that have been misled by the name. Scientific research shows that there are no traces of magnetic substance in the hill, capable of pulling your car. So how does this happen, do the hills really possess powers. Well, no. The movement of the vehicle up the hill is actually a large optical illusion. The surrounding hills grow slightly taller as the road proceeds making it look like your car is going up the hill, whereas in reality, the road is slightly downhill! So next time you visit there, look at the road, without looking at the surroundings and you will find out what is really happening.

Attractions near the magnetic hill

Ladakh is a land that never ceases to disappoint. From its scenic and supposedly magical mountains to its beautiful collection of temples and monasteries, one can never get bored here. After you have experienced the phenomenal magnetic hills you can move on to other local attractions such as Phyan Gompa or the Gref mandir. Apart from this there are scenic and relaxing treks in and around the area ideal for a weekend retreat.

The magnetic hills in Ladakh are truly a phenomenon. While the popularity of the whole place depends on a simple optical illusion, it is enough to bamboozle tourists who are awestruck as their vehicles move up the hill. Now that you know the secret of this road, wait till your vehicle climbs up the road before revealing it to your astonished friends.

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