Ever since evolution gave mankind feet, humans have used it to explore unique and bizarre places around them. Doubled with his curiosity to know the secrets of the world, man has made efficient use of his feet and discovered a lot of secrets about mother nature. One such unique and charming place is the Kemmangundi hill in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. A previously unknown hike, the Kemmangundi trek offers the greenest climb you have ever seen. If you stay in south India you do not have to travel to Manali for a good trek when you can have a great one in Karnataka.

The trek

The Kemmangudi trek was popularized very recently implying that getting there is not that easy. The trek is at an altitude of 1400 meters and it usually takes about two days to get to the top. The climb never gets tedious during this interval with a spread of lush green foliage in all directions. While the trek is extremely picturesque it is not free of peril. It is advisable to follow all the instructions of the guide as climbing up without someone who is experienced is extremely risky. The 20 km trek has you camping under the stars and witnessing one of the most scenic views of your life.

Best time to visit

Kemmangundi being a hill station has pleasant weather throughout but the best time for the trek would be between September and February. While the trek is extremely beautiful during monsoon with the leaves appearing even greener than usual, there could be heavy rainfall at any time of the day. Make sure you have all the essentials like jackets and caps to tackle with the inconsistent weather. The nights are cold and the days are sunny, so prepare to be tested.

A new addition to the finest treks in India, the Kemmangundi trek is truly worth the money. The trek is not the easiest one and can often be challenging for the hikers, but the fabulous views and emerald green grass is sure to boost your morale. There is no better feeling in the world than to sleep in your cozy sleeper bags after a heavy day of trekking.

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