50 Hill Stations Near Delhi One Must Visit in 2020 For A Peaceful Getaway

The desire to trek snowy mountains and breath in the crystal clear mountain air, the need to taste authentic scrumptious local cuisines and will to break free from the busy city life and make one’s way to peace all come together when one visits the beautiful hill stations near Delhi. With the proper guidance and well-planned itinerary, these 50 hill station near Delhi, play out as your future travel destinations.

Among 50, 15 Undiscovered Hill Stations to be Explored

While most hill stations are the epitome of peace and serenity, nowadays due to mainstream commercialization and growing tourism markets, many hill stations seem like city tourism spots and overcrowded. Hence, here is a list of hill station where we can promise less crowds, peace and more serendipity.

1.  Binsar – 386 kms from Delhi

Situated in the Almora district of Uttarakhand, this evergreen hill station is perfect for travelers who wish laze upon unexplored hilltops and observe the Himalayan range from a distance. While at Binsar, explore the landscape to spot exotic mountain flora and fauna that cannot usually be seen in the cities.

2.  Rewalsar – 420 kms

This green hill station is based in Himachal Pradesh around the beautiful Rewalsar lake. Its lush green slopes surround the valley giving off a secluded and serene ambience. Rewalsar is considered to be a sacred region for followers of Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. And the small hill station even houses religious buildings and facilities for each of them in these green mountains and valleys. Drop by and stay in one of the mountain monasteries; enjoy the peace and calm atmosphere in this greenery.

3. Gushiani – 550 kms

Situated near the great Himalayan national park, this quaint hill station stands in the shadows of Kullu. With some picturesque homestays that are warm and welcoming beyond measure and the lack of tourists, this hill station calls out to be explored. While here, do not forget to indulge in some trout fishing lessons in the crystal clear waters of the great Himalayan range.

4.  Naukuchiatal – 320 kms

A birdwatcher’s paradise, this quiet and secluded hill station in nainital is one filled with wonders. Its name refers to a nine-cornered lake, the one that this hill station surrounds. With some beautiful and interesting presence of flora and fauna, this is the place to be if you are a wildlife lover. With its quaint and picturesque homestays, you feel at one with the locals. Apparently, there also exists a hidden route to china underneath the lake that is not disclosed to the public at date.

5.  Mukteshwar – 348 kms

Just some kilometers away from Naukuchiatal, stands mukteshwar at an elevated height. This hill station is named after a revered lake which it surrounds. The appealing factor of mukteshwar is its forests filled with junipers and pines along with fruit filled orchards.

6.  Tabo – 732 kms

Tabo hails near the exquisite Spiti valley in Kullu and stands unexplored till date. With its rugged slopes, breath-taking landscapes and serene monasteries, there is a lot of exploration here. Known as the Ajanta of the Himalayas, tabo houses about nine gompas and some temples.

7.  Tosh – 540 kms

After crossing the popular destination – Kasol and a few more small villages, one stumbles upon the tiny hill station of tosh that remains an undiscovered beauty of nature. With its natural scenic beauty, local cafes and homestays, you get to enjoy tosh uninhibitedly.

8.  Kausani – 418 kms

Overshadowed by the popular destination of Nainital, Kausani is another hidden gem of Uttarakhand. Covered with a barrage of tea gardens and greenery most of the year, it receives heavy snowfall during winters turning it into a winter wonderland.

9.  Dhanaulti – 308 kms

Standing at a height of 2286 meters, you can visit this hill station based in the Garwhal region of Uttarakhand all year long with no fear of unfavorable or unpleasant weather. With its enthralling scenery and views, Dhanaulti is a must visit.

10.  Dharamkot – 478 kms

Nestled in an off-best spot, Dharamkot showcases some gorgeous natural views that are unheard of. A short while away from the much more popular destination of Mcleodganj, stands this snowcapped hill station. With its welcoming guest houses and bright yellow ‘saarson ke khet’, Dharamkot is a must visit.

11.  Auli – 500 kms

Snowclad mountains, turquoise lakes and deodar forest make up the scenic hill station of Auli. Located in the Joshimath district of Uttarakhand, it is an absolutely mesmerizing destination.

12.  Ranikhet – 356 kms

Perfect for a honeymoon destination, ranikhet houses green fields alongside spectacular scenic views and seclusion from the rest of Uttarakhand within its Kumaon region. With its peace and serenity, it is one of the calmest hill stations to visit.

13.  Lansdowne – 260 kms

Looking for some quiet and peace? Lansdowne from the Puri Gharwal district of Uttarakhand plays the perfect host in this situation. Flanked by pine trees and gorgeous views of the Himalayas, do not skip out on this hill station.

14.  Khajjiar –  575 kms

This little hill station is a thing of beauty that surrounds a lake equally beautiful. Based in the chamba district, it can be accessed easily through routes via Dalhousie. With its isolate population and area, you will find peace guaranteed.

15. Sattal – 306 kms

Adjoining the massively popular and populated hill station- Nainital, stays the quiet and peaceful hill station of Sattal. Dotted with small lodges and homestays, this is an ideal site to go camping or claim a few days of peace.

10 Of The Most Popular Hill Stations Near Delhi Amongst The 50

While off beaten paths are always available to tackle, sometimes there is a desire to see something much talked about or on trips that an acquaintance has been to before you. Hence, here is a list of the ten most popular hill stations one can go to near Delhi:

16. Mussoorie – 280 kms

Known as the Queen of Hills, Mussoorie hill station in Uttarakhand is a popular destination since years. Situated quite near to the equally celebrated hill station of Dehradun, Mussoorie offers a spectacular view of the shivalik range from various points.

17.  Dalhousie – 560 kms

Based in Himachal Pradesh, it settles as a cozy hill station with gorgeous green cover and the high rise of the hills behind. Its stands as the most popular hill station in himachal till date.

18. Manali – 537 kms

One of the most popular travel destination in India in general, Manali is known for its winter wonderland, snow packed landscapes and mountains and its greenery and gorgeous grassland valleys during spring.

19.  Kasol – 519 kms

Based in Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is a small town hill station frequented by backpackers and adventurers due to its strategic position and pristine beauty.

20. McLeodganj – 480 kms

Another backpacker’s dream destination based in Himachal Pradesh, McLeodganj is a beautiful hill station that carries the cultures of past inhabitants: The British and Tibetans.

21. Shimla – 342 kms

One of the most popular honey destinations in India, Shimla is home to snowcapped mountains and green valleys that cumulate to a mesmerizing scenery. Even this popular hill station is based in Himachal Pradesh.

22. Dharamshala – 474 kms

Former residence of the Dalai Lama and the second most visited hill station in Himachal Pradesh, Dharamshala welcomes thousands of visitors every year due to its pleasant weather and sustaining beauty.

23. Rishikesh – 240 kms

Known as the entry point to the Garwhal mountain range, it is a popular hill station destination filled with activities. From zip-lining and kayaking to swift river rafting, Rishikesh has it all.

24. Chail – 336 kms

Overlooking the river satluj, this quaint hill station rose to new heights with the onset of time. Topped with luxurious hotel and known for being a sports centre, Chail is pretty popular now.

25. Dehradun – 240 kms

A picturesque hill station, this has been a popular getaway destination through generations. Guarded by the two rivers, ganga and Yamuna on two sides, this hill station boats caves, springs and even waterfalls as its beauty.

Other Fascinating Hill Stations One Can Visit from Delhi

While all the destinations get explored, there are still numerous hill stations that one can explore extensively and create great memories. Here are the 25 other hill stations that you should consider to visit for an amazing getaway:

26. Mashobra – 370 kms

Housing the Indian Presidential Retreat, this well planned and picturesque hill station wins a spots amongst the most popular locations quite frequently.

27. Nahan – 250 kms

A part of the shivalik range, it is termed to be one of the most romantic hill station getaways that’s slowly gaining popularity in the tourism industry.

28.   Parwanoo – 260 kms

Known for its local manufacturing of marmalades, fruit juices and 100% fruit jams, parwanoo is a foodie’s delight. With its gorgeous fruit orchards and high cable cars, it is the hill station to be at.

29. Chakrata – 323 kms

Nestled in the gorgeous district of Dehradun, this is a hill station with various other scenic attractions that is slowly gaining popularity as a weekend gateway destination.

30. Nainital – 350 kms

Overshadowing a range of other hill stations in its vicinity, nainital is a famous hill station that serves fantastic views of glistening lakes, sloping hells and green meadows.

31. Chamoli – 292 kms

Home to the Chipko movement resolution. Chamoli houses various other hill stations and tourist destinations within it being the second largest district of Uttarakhand. Visit to experience numerous other attractions as well.

32. Solan – 290 kms

Known for its vegetable harvest on its slopes, solan is home to some of the largest mushroom and tomato producing areas in India. Named after a Hindu deity, solan is the largest city in the state of himachal Pradesh.

33. Pangot – 355 kms

Lying just a few miles away from the popular hill station nainital, pangot moves at a pace of its own where time stands still between its tall, curving forest roads and sceneries.

34. Kullu – 500 kms

Almost always clubbed with the hill station of Manali, Kullu is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh that substitutes as a popular winter wonderland filled with apple orchards as well.

35. Kufri – 350 kms

Teeming with temples, hill top horseback riding and other activates, it is the neighbor of Shimla, its more popular and crowded neighbor.

36. Bhimtal-  360 kms

A laid back hamlet in the background of nainital, it is mostly visited by nature lovers and bird watchers for its quiet and peaceful expanse.

37. Mandi – 410 kms

Nestled in the valleys of the Himalayas, this tiny hill station in himachal Pradesh is quaint and picturesque with its green meadows and minimal population.

38. Almora- 360 kms

Harboring various other hill stations within it, Almora takes the outline of a horse shoe and is celebrated for its local culture, food, artefacts and handicrafts.

39. Palampur – 485 kms

With a movie set up vibes, this is a small hamlet that grows tea garden on its lush slopes and houses very less inhabitants. The perfect destination for gorgeous travel pictures!

40. Ramgarh – 378 kms

Home to orchards full of apricots, peaches, plums and apples, ramgarh is the perfect spot to observe the snow covered peaks of the mighty Himalayan range.

41. Kangra- 472 kms

The banganga river streams past this sacred hill station that houses numerous temples of Hindu deities throughout its slope and valley. Based in himachal Pradesh, it used to be known as Nagarkot formerly.

42. Uttarkashi – 416 kms

Literally meaning north of the kasha, this small town is situated in the valleys of Uttarakhand. Home to religious Hindu shrines and ancient temples, it is a popular pilgrimage destination for Hindu devotees.

43. Thanedar – 435 kms

A vibrant town of colorful skies and fruit orchards, Thanedar was the first hill station to start growing apple orchards in the country of India.

44. Jibhi – 500 kms

Located near the iconic hill station- Manali, it is its unexplored cousins who delve and grow at a blissful rate. With its undiscovered beauty, Jibhi is a quaint retreat.

45.       Shoghi – 324 kms

Nestled right across from the teeming hill station of Shimla, it is a natural beauty that has pleasant visiting conditions both in the summer and during winters.

46.       Chopta – 420 kms

View and observe the mighty peaks of the nanda devi and trishul mountains from the small hamlet of Chopta that reigns peacefully as a town in the mountain of the Himalayas.

47.       Gairsain – 450 kms

Covered with green meadows and sparkling cascades of waterfalls, it is an unexplored and offbeat hill station destination.

48.       Naggar – 520 kms

Once the capital of Kullu kingdom, it now lays sprawled over the river beas. Less commercialized and more peaceful than the populous town of Kullu, nagger sustains being a natural beauty.

49.   Munsiyari – 600 kms

A beautiful hill station whose roads reveal snowcapped mountains rising through the fog and mist and cutting through the clouds. With its long and winding roads, it is one of the most peaceful getaway destinations.

50.   Chamba – 580 kms

A paradise amongst hill stations, watch on as the river Ravi curves like a giant serpent around this lush hill station with breath-taking views throughout the hilly region.

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