India is a diverse land, with people from various cultures living together in harmony. The capital city of the nation, New Delhi is the best example of India’s brotherhood and unity. One of the largest metropolitan cities in the world, Delhi is home to a variety of people, divided by their cultures, religion and language but united by Delhi. Here are 30 reasons that make Delhi the finest city to live in India.

1. A land of heritage

The monuments in Delhi are what drive most tourists to this ancient land. From the ancient times to the Mughal Empire, the city has a remnant of almost all the major dynasties that have ruled it in the past. In fact, Delhi has the maximum number of monuments of any city in the country. From the Qutub Minar to the Red Fort, you can find anything here.

2. The urban giant

While Delhi has been an important cultural city, with a large number of beautiful and intricately carved monuments, the modern architecture is no less. With some of the largest skyscrapers in the country. It is safe to say that the modern vibe of the city parallels the ancient one in all aspects.

3. Home to the Royalty

Being the capital city of the country, Delhi is home to the President and the Prime Minister of the country. The Rajpath where the Rashtrapati Bhavan is situated is the one of the most beautiful roads in the country. It is also where the massive celebrations of the Republic Day are held.

4. Shopping in the Streets

The small and narrow streets in Delhi are not ordinary, walk into them and get hold of some of the finest objects you can get your hands on, that too with unbelievably low prices. If you are lucky you might just end up owning an original Rolex for 1000 rupees.

5. Finest Metro service

Travel in Delhi has never been safer and convenient. The world class metro service is among the finest in the world, providing connectivity to remote places within Delhi. You can travel to anywhere you want to with the most affordable prices.

6. Easily Accessible Himalayan treks

The city life of Delhi while extremely extravagant and colourful, can sometimes be a little overwhelming. If such a situation ever arises, you can collect your friends and go away for a weekend retreat to none other than the Himalayas. Many wonderful treks in Himachal and Jammu Kashmir are what drive Delhites to these remote regions.

7. The mighty Yamuna

The Yamuna river flowing on the banks of the city has turned into a perfect escape for many people from Delhi, who want to feel closer to nature. Rather than travelling all the way to the Himalayas you could always visit one of his daughters. The banks of Yamuna are the perfect place to experience something new.

8. Amazing street food

The street food in Delhi has made India proud in front of many popular celebrities. The gol guppas to Kebabs to dosa the city has an amazing variety to offer. Delhites are extremely proud of their finger licking street food, which provides the best junk food for the cheapest prices.

9. A land of opportunities

People from across the country, from remote villages, islands and small towns, all flock to Delhi to start their career. The city has enough for everyone and never lets the people of India town. There are careers in almost every field of work with the majority of the people getting some sort of employment in Delhi.

10. A student’s dream

Apart from offering jobs to young people the city also helps students by offering them quality education. From IIT Delhi to the Delhi University, the number of prestigious academic institutions in Delhi are enough to accommodate all the young talented people of India. The city is the perfect place for students to kick start their career.

11. Safe Driving

The roads in Delhi are massive, large enough to accommodate the population of 1.9 crore. The 6 lane highways are the best connecting roads in India, that take you to almost every remote location out there. Ever since the renovation of the roads, the number of accidents has significantly reduced and the overall ease of commuting has risen.

12. Fly anywhere

The superb connectivity of Delhi is not limited only to road and rail but also extends to air travel. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is one of the finest in the country and has numerous flights to almost every country in the world. The airport is very well maintained and is supposedly the second-best airport in Asia.

13. A center for Women Rights

While Delhi has a long-standing reputation as an unsafe city for women, the new generation has not let it stop them. Women have come out braver and stronger than before in recent years. This new wave of feminism in Delhi, targets not only the safety of women but also equality in other aspects such as careers.

14. Hari Dilli

People have had a long-conceived notion that any city that has large buildings and traffic jammed roads, is bound to be unsafe and harmful to the environment. While the pollution index in the capital is high, it is being well compensated with the large number of trees that are being planted. These green belts located in various parts of the city have reduced pollution substantially in the last few months.

15. A constant rally

If there is one thing about the people of Delhi that stands out is their aggression. Not in terms of getting into a fight, but peaceful aggression against the injustice in the country. From the Nirbhaya case to the Talwars, the people of the city have always stood up against injustice.

16. Shopaholic heaven

Every kind of item ever invented by man can be purchased in the national capital. From places like Connaught place, the most popular shopping area in the city, to small chor bazaars spread across the city, Delhi is the perfect place to buy all commodities, provided you know where to look for it.

17. Band Baaja Delhi

The weddings in Delhi are on a different level. It is a well-known fact that North Indian Weddings are full of glamour, celebration and lots of food, but the weddings in Delhi just step up the notch. The extravagant decoration and the unlimited drinks make Delhi weddings the fanciest and the craziest in the world.

18. Unlimited Luxury

Delhi is a large cosmopolitan city and living in such a city has its own advantages. From the latest designer collections to the most exclusive jewellery the city has it all. One can find all sorts of luxuries in the massive malls that are spread across the city. The lavish 5-star hotels just add to the luxury of the city.

19. Dilwalon ki Dilli

Delhites are not the rich arrogant pricks as they are portrayed to be in movies. They are one of the most generous people out there. From feeding the poor in the slums, to helping out distressed animals, the people from Delhi are always first in line.

20. It’s one big party

Delhi and party are two words that blend perfectly together. There are tons of party clubs in and around the city and the nightlife of the city is rich. While safety has been a concern in the past, there have been many precautions taken to ensure that the young hype crowd of the city can enjoy and party without having safety concerns.

21. Adrenaline Pumps

To maintain the balance between your desk job and outdoor life, you can head to the various adventure parks that Delhi is home too. The activities range from rock climbing to river crossing and trekking. If not in Delhi, there are many places in and around the city that can satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you.

22. A great place to workout

Delhi has the ideal conditions for you to stay in shape after a heavy day of working. From the large number of gyms to the innumerous parks filled with green foliage, Delhi is perfect for all sorts of fitness enthusiasts. With marathons being conducted frequently, the city is a great place to get fit.

23. A city of extremes

The Delhites will know what I am referring to. The summers in Delhi are extraordinarily hot, allowing you to cool off in the swimming pool during the evenings. The winters in Delhi are the opposite extreme. The temperature drops below 5℃ and it is the perfect time to enjoy some sizzling hot tea while going to work in the morning.

24. Auto Waale Bhaiya

Delhi is a large city and sometimes the overcrowded metros may not be the best option to get somewhere specific. Your problem can be solved by the Delhi auto rickshaws. Don’t go by their rude and impolite answers, some of them are nice. Regardless of their behaviour they will take you to your destination efficiently.

25. For the budding artists

The thing about Delhi is that absolutely no talent is wasted here. The city teaches you that you do not need an art degree to be an artist, you just need to be creative enough and have a nice wall. The walls in Delhi are often painted beautifully and these artworks are usually found in the most unexpected places.

26. Celebrating diversity

Delhi is often termed as mini India and rightly so. The national capital is home to almost all ethnicities, religions, cultures and languages in India. Each small community that comes to live here is respected and given a special place in Delhi. Once in the city, you forget your original identity and just become a Delhite.

27. Always something new

The city will never cease to amaze its residents. From new parks to buildings to statues, the city lives in a constant entropy and never stops changing. Over the past few years, Delhi has developed beyond measure, with new skyscrapers emerging at every junction. Despite all of this industrialization, the city has managed to maintain its desi charm.

28. The marvelous bus

Delhi has not had the best history with buses, and due to grave events that have occurred in the past, people decided against travelling in them. Keeping these issues in mind, the government of Delhi has brought in a new wave of air-conditioned buses that are much safer and efficient.

29. Efficiency is the word

The lifestyle in Delhi is extremely comfortable. All the services available on the internet apply to the city. The capital has the highest service rating in commute apps like Ola and Uber and has amazingly fast deliveries. Everything in Delhi is just a click away and one can always rely on the city to fulfil its needs.

 30. Dilli meri Jaan

The most important fact about Delhi is the connection of the people. The citizens of Delhi would do anything to help their Delhite brothers and sisters out. If you meet any person from Delhi, anywhere in the world, you two will bond instantly, because such is the effect of the city. Delhi is not just a place; it is an emotion.

If you earlier had doubts of moving into the national capital, I hope that this article has helped you understand the beauty of the city. There will be problems and complaining and sometimes you might hate Delhi, but ultimately the city is your home.

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