Gudauri Ski Resort

Gudauri Ski Resort is a beautiful place with outstanding services to enjoy the scenic view of the snow laden Georgia. It is located almost 120 km to the north of the capital Tbilisi on the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Georgia has two categories of the Caucasus Mountain Range – Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and Lesser Caucasus Mountain Range. The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range poses higher altitude and more elevated slopes than the Lesser Caucasus Mountain Range. Warmer weather on the flatter surface makes it ideal for beginners and if you want to challenge yourself, you can always go higher to the steeper slopes and colder weather.

Typical skiing season lasts from mid –December to May at reasonable prices. Some unmissable services that one should definitely experience at Gudauri Ski Resort include paragliding, freeriding and heliskiing. On a day when the weather is not favourable or you are not in the mood for outdoor activities, you can experience the blissful Russian bath offered by the resort. You can also indulge in indoor games like bowling and swimming. You can enjoy traditional Georgian gastronomy and indulge in good food and quality wine.

Gudauri Ski Resort offers night skiing on the weekends to enhance their customers’ sense of thrill and adrenaline. Another big attractive point for this resort is that it is the biggest and most developed ski resort in all of Georgia. It has great services and employs staffs who are proficient in English to cater to the western customers.

Gudauri Ski Resort offers a great substitute to the Alps if you want to stick to a budget and does justice with beginners who are not used to such cold and demanding conditions of skiing. It offers easy access by being about 150kms far from the closest airport in Tbilisi. This is one of the best places to enjoy your holiday and relax your busy days that are going to be followed in the coming years. So, if you are planning on a cold vacation that involves snow, skiing and good wine, Gudauri Ski Resort is definitely worth exploring. 

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