Himalayan Region

Mountain biking in the Himalayan region spans across numerous districts of Uttarakhand, right from Haridwar, the holy city of Rishikesh, further into the district of Pauri Garhwal and ending in the rural district of Tehri. The magnificent Himalayan ranges along with the beautiful Ganges and her sisters, cast a spell on you all throughout the journey and charm you with their scenic beauty.

Your mountain bikes are your best friends for this adventurous and exciting journey that begins at Haridwar and leads you through the spiral roads of Devikhal. As you bike further into the region, you will find yourself witnessing the beautiful, mighty, and holy Devprayag, Anjanisein and Chamba. Your journey concludes at Dakpaathar and you return home with one of the most memorable and rich experiences of mountain biking. The Himalayan Adventure Sports & Tourism Promotion Association (HASTPA) recommends a mountain bike with full suspension, or at least, a front suspension bike for safe and fun riding.


Mountain biking is not only popular in the hilly northern regions of the country, but also very enthusiastically taken up in the hilly regions of Kerala, in Southern India. Biking is very famous in the Cardamom Hills, named after the spices that are cultivated in these mountains of the Western Ghats in Kerala. A lot of MTB organisations organise Mountain biking tours along with a certain trial and also provide you with all the necessary equipment, route map, accommodation and transportation. Mountain biking tours usually start from the beautiful hill station of Munnar, situated at over 1500m above sea level. The Cardamom Hills Cycling tour has chalked out a path that will take you through a large number of tea estates and lush forests that adorn the countryside. You can enjoy excellent single track trails through stunning scenic beauty. There are a lot of biking routes in Kerala, possessing different degrees of difficulty. Smooth flowing single tracks to technical and bumpy rock gardens, you get what you want. The locals are very helpful and friendly and you will get to know the lifestyle of these people while biking through these scattered villages. It is an experience to behold.

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