Spiti is an exceedingly beautiful valley and is a part of the District of Lahoul & Spiti in Himachal Pradesh. If you are planning to go around Spiti valley and enjoy its scenic beauty, you will have the most amazing local ride- A yak! While they look huge and scary, they have a heart of a fly. Yak Safari is one of the numerous adventure activities for visitors visiting Spiti. You will find Yaks with all kinds of interesting names like Delu and Ghabru. Single Yaks don’t accept riders in the valley of Spiti. They have to walk in at least a pair.

About the safari

It turns out to be one of the best experiences of the riders’ life when trekking, and some yak riding is followed by a picnic with these beautiful animals. The Yaks, along with their owners, take the tourists on a beautiful tour around the trans-Himalayan desert where you can enjoy the plethora of unique and beguiling flora and fauna. As you engage with the owners of these Yaks, you will also come to know that there is an abundance of Yaks in the valley as rearing them not only fulfils the demand of the tourists, but it is also a means of sustenance for the villagers. They are a key lifeline of the meagre and scattered economy of Spiti. These Yaks will take you on a memorable journey through the green fields, scenic mountain passes and raw and rustic villages.

The culture and traditions

This unique trail provides important insights into the Spitians way of life, their houses, cuisines, agriculture, attire and irrigation systems. This tour is bound to give adventure travellers and nature photographers a trusted and reliable ally in the brown. Spiti is also famous for following a strong Buddhist culture and tradition. It proudly owns nearly 30 monasteries and you can always ask your companion to lead the Yaks to the foot of these monasteries and enjoy some time alone to meditate. The Yaks are left to roam the alpine pastures during summer. The village boys fetch you the best ones for your Safari among them.

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