River rafting in Kasol is something that you absolutely cannot miss while on a trip. It is a mixture of getting close to nature and feeling adrenaline rushing through your body. The rafting stretch is surrounded by gorgeous landscapes, lush green valleys, and a calm blue sky. There are two main rafting stretches that Kasol offers you, one of which is 8 kilometers long and the other one is nearly 10 kilometers long. 

The best time for white water rafting is during the winter season, because of the fall in the water level of the river. The Parvati River, which originates from the ManTalai Glacier, is a very popular location for White Water rafting. The experience of enjoying the rush of water amidst the calm hills and valleys is totally unique. The river has a very deep gradient and has a lot of water. 

The rafting experience at Parvati River, Kasol offers its tourists a basic – grade I level rapids. It starts from Pirdi, which is near Manali and crosses a lot of locations like Sarabai, Bhuntal, Mohal, Shamsi, Raisol, and Katrain. River Rafting in Kasol is very fascinating, as it gives you a blend of the thrill of the rafting adventure and the serenity and tranquillity of the surroundings. 

Quick tips for White Water Rafting

  • Short rafting covers can cover up to 7 kilometers of distance, whereas, long rafting stretches can go up to 14 kilometers. 
  • People of all ages cannot opt to go for rafting. The minimum age for river rafting is 14 years old.
  • Most people who go for river rafting are either inexperienced or are trying the sport for the second or third time. Therefore, in order to have a safe experience, don’t forget to hire a trained and experienced rafting operator.
  • You will be required to paddle a boat over a river, which implies that your clothes are going to get drenched by the end of it. Remember to carry an extra pair of clothing so that you can change it at the end of the sport.

So, here was a little information on the White Water Rafting in Kasol. We hope this has been useful to you in planning your trip. Do not forget to read up about water rafting before you actually try the sport. Head to the nearest railway station or airport and have the adventure of your lives. Happy Rafting! 

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