Camping in the Himalayas

Who does not know of camping? The experience of camping is exhilarating. It is a mountainous activity which expects people to step out of their comfort zones. And what is the best place for camping the very mountains of Himalayas? The idea of camping in the Himalayas to be in nature’s arms. Waking up at the sound of trees and breeze is welcoming yourself to nature. Camping is an adventurous sports activity which is done usually by a group of people for leisure and relaxation. Whoever wants to feel a bit closer to nature can have these camping tours with their loved ones. As camping is the best way to make your holidays exciting and lovelier.

Things to keep in mind

The chill weather and vibrant hills of Himalayas and the scenic beauty will charm you as well as warn you to carry appropriate and warm clothes for the camping as sometimes in camps the conditions are little harsh so be prepared. There are several options for camping in the Himalayas. The camping people must remember to carry their gear or keep them ready before. If you are camping on your own, carry a sleeping bag, torches and camping pillow as after a completely tiring day you would want rest and that is pretty necessary too. The need for a lighter or matchstick is also needed for adverse situations. You can hire people for the same to let you help at your camping experience. Do carry some medical kit because it’s better to have it for any difficult timing.

Best places to camp in the Himalayas

You can take the best experiences of camping in the Himalayas as they are worthy and adventurous. The Pangong Lake in Ladakh can be the very spot for your camping. Nahan and Bhimtal are two other great places to go camping as the weather of these places are really pleasant as it is advised for camping in January to April as then you can beat the heat and enjoy nature.


The expense depends on the place you choose for trekking in the Himalayas. It can vary from 5000 INR for 4 days to the very highest limits. So enjoy camping and see the nature glories!

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